Money Mad Martians

Compared with some Barcrest slots, this game has some detailed touches to go with their famous solid game-play. The theme is ‘little green men’, who come to visit in their UFOs in search of money. This is another Barcrest title which has made the transition from a successful live slot into the online world. I particularly like the random ‘reel swap’ feature, though there are some  break-out bonus games too.

You’ll notice that the graphics on this slot are a step up from those on many Barcrest titles. Reels are transparent, which means you’ll see a space scene behind them when they spin. There is an element of comedy in the design too, which includes both the visual and the audio. Listen out for a Star-Trek saying (in a squeaky alien voice) at certain times during the game. Bigger wins will come via the bonus games for this slot. The wins from regular play are on the smaller side, though will keep your bankroll ticking over while you wait for the bonuses to trigger.

Playing the Money Mad Martians Slot

Many Barcrest slots use the 10 win-line system over 5 reels which you cannot adjust, and this is no exception. This means your only decision before playing is how much to spin for each time. You can play Money Mad Martians for just 10c, all the way up to $500 per spin.

Sometimes after a spin that does not result in any winning combinations, UFOs will appear at the top of the screen. These send down light beams (that old b-movie cliché) which will pick up entire reels and move their position. Several reels can move, and they will always be reconfigured in a way that results in a win. This is common enough to keep you entertained, though to be fair none of the wins that I got from it were above mid-sized.

Regular wins are frequent, making this a lower volatility slot. You’ll get 250 coins for 5 of the logos, 160 coins for 5 Martians and down from there. Prizes start at 3 of a kind for all of the symbols; you can see the full list of these on the pay-table.

Bonus Games on Money Mad Martians

When you hit 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, you will trigger a two-part bonus sequence. First of all you need to click on one of the 3 bonus symbols. Two of these will award you a cash prize, with the game ending right there (it is nice to win money, though this is always a little disappointing!). One will have one of the two bonus games.

The first bonus involves picking asteroids from a big grid. Each one you pick reveals a cash prize, or ends your game. Some have Martians behind them, which explode the adjacent asteroids, giving you multiple wins. This game is essentially a chance-based pick-em round, though the break out screen and added interest of hitting a Martian make it a good one. You might also get the ‘Planet Bonus’ which is another pick-em game where you simply choose a planet to reveal a prize.

Both bonus games are entertaining, at least for the first couple of times through. I should note that (unusually for Barcrest); there is no free spins game on this slot.

Summary of Money Mad Martians

After a session on this slot you will see how it became a live casino hit. The simple game-play and element of humour from the little green men works well. The random feature where the reel swap places is the highlight for me. This can turn dead spins into winners at any time. The bonus was frustrating at times, with only a 1-in-3 chance of going to the feature rounds when you do hit the bonus symbols. Having said that the games are enjoyable (and potentially profitable) when you do hit them. This is one of the better online slots from Barcrest, and one to check out for yourself soon.

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