Merry Money Slots Machine

This Barcrest slot is themed on the legend of Robin Hood – who stole from the rich to give to the poor in Medieval England. Compared to many Barcrest titles, this slot is reasonably complex. It has an arrow shooting game, which can lead to one of two bonus rounds. The wins from regular play are smaller than on many slots – with stacked symbols and wilds meaning you’ll hit these small wins frequently. This helps to keep your bankroll ticking over while you wait for the bonus games, both of which can be reasonably profitable.

The game is set in Sherwood Forest, which is where Robin Hood and his gang of merry men hid while raiding nearby Nottingham. Graphically, there are a lot of details – though the game could do with fewer of the playing card symbols and more of the classics like the bag of gold and archery target. There is a cheerful tune playing in the background, which makes a great change from the Barcrest computer generated noises used on many of their slots.

Playing Merry Money

You will not have a choice of how many win-lines to play in Merry Money – as this game uses the standard Barcrest setup of 10 fixed lines. You can select from a wide range of coin sizes if you’re playing slots with real cash, with the smallest spin being just 10c (up to a huge $500 per spin for the super high-rollers).

I found it common to have more than one winning line at a time while playing. This does balance the smaller overall win amounts. You’ll need 3+ symbols from the left hand reel to trigger a prize. 5 of the logos carry the single biggest pay-out at 250 coins. Surprisingly, the playing card symbols are not too far behind. Aces and kings are both worth 200 coins for 5 of a kind, with the other cards making up the small and mid-sized wins.

Other symbols on the reels include Robin Hood (triggers the main bonuses) and the archery targets which start a mini bonus game where you just select one of the symbols.

Bonus Games for Merry Money

When you hit 3 Robin Hood symbols, you will go to an intermediary screen where you shoot an arrow to determine which bonus round you will play. There is a target with red and yellow circles, you fire and arrow and play the ‘Hall of Plenty’ with yellow and the ‘Win-Spins’ with red.

While the hall of plenty is entertaining, this is essentially a chance based game where you simply click to spin a wheel with numbers on it. This is set in the hall of the castle, with a sleeping king at one end. There are numbered doors to each side, which Robin Hood will open. Sometimes he will come out with a chest, giving you a cash prize. Other times he gets chased out by women and children. You continue until the king wakes up, at which point he chases you out!

The Win-Spins bonus is quite elaborate. Again you get a wheel, this time you move up a path each time you spin, each step along the way accumulates more free spins. When you hit collect, you go to the reels for a fast play-through of your accumulated spins on the main reel. There is no different symbols or behaviour on the reels during this bonus game.

Arrow targets give you an instant bonus on the reels when you hit 3. Each stays ‘pick me’ and you get to click on one of them. This awards you an instant prize, which is given as a multiplier of your stake for that spin.

Summary for Merry Money

Multiple features and more detail than the usual Barcrest offerings mean that this slot stands out for me. The theme is light-hearted and entertaining, and the graphics and animations are a lot better than some of the earlier efforts from Barcrest. If this is a sign of the type of games to come from this software house, then I am already looking forward to seeing the next titles.

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