Lucky 5 Reeler

How does spinning 5 sets of reels each time you click sound as a way of making a game more interesting? Well, how about if wins on the first set of reels were locked in place for all of the other spins? This is what you’ll find with Lucky 5 Reeler from Barcrest. This is a novel slot with a great way of making the game-play more interesting. If you do get a big win on the first (main) set of reels, then you know you’ll get at least this win again for the remaining 4 sets – and might also improve.

The theme of this slot is luck, with the standard clichéd items like black cats and 4-leafed clovers on the reels.  There are wilds in play, which do add another dimension to the game when you keep in mind that wins with wilds will also be replicated up to 4 more times. One thing that is unusual about this slot is the lack of a free spins round. Barcrest games usually include one of these (in addition to any break out bonuses). I guess that the 5-spins in one were deemed intensive enough for one game.

Free Lucky 5 Reeler Slots Machine

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  • Playing Barcrest’s Lucky 5 Reeler

    You can either play for 10 win-lines per set of reels or for 5 in this game. Checking the pay table shows that the prizes are proportionally larger if you go for the 10 line option, so I recommend you stick with this and lower your coin value if needed. This stake is a little higher than on many Barcrest slots, coming in at 20c per line. This gives a minimum spin of $2. Keep in mind that you are really getting 5 spins each time, taking the cost down to 40c. There is an auto-play option for up to 50 sets of 5 spins.

    An interesting quirk for this game is that wins do not need to start on the left hand reel. You can start a 4-of-a-kind win on the 2nd reel, or a 3-of a kind on the 3rd reel. As long as the symbols are on a win-line and are consecutive, you’ll get a prize.

    Individual wins are small, though you need to keep in mind that wins get replicated over the reels each time (and often improve). The logo pays 50 coins for 5 on a line as the top regular prize. The cat and the clover are next on the pay table at 15 coins for 5. At certain times during play you will have multiple different wins coming onto the last couple of sets of reels. These can even improve further on occasion!

    There are no special bonus games for this slot, and having played it for a while I have to agree that a 5-reel free spins round would probably be a little too hectic – though potentially very profitable.

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    Summary of Lucky 5 Reeler

    With so  many online slots made up of the same old 5×3 setup + free spins concept, seeing a truly novel slot game is very welcome. 5 reels alone would be pretty meaningless, it is the cascade of wins from the main set of reels to the next ones which makes this slot worth checking out. Individually, the wins are on the smaller side. What you will find is that you take wins to the next reels, where they will sometimes improve before going to yet another set of reels. This will make an initial 3 of a kind turn into 4 or even 5 more often than you’d think.

    Design-wise, this slot is on the plain side. Since the concept works, it would really benefit from a design overhaul – or even a brand new theme. A move away from the generic luck symbols to something more vivid and compelling would be very welcome indeed.