Crown Gems

The ‘gems’ niche is getting crowded, with most slot software makers producing one or more of these games nowadays. Barcrest’s ‘Crown Gems’ was one of the first in the field. Instead of focusing on break-out bonus features or complex on-reel behaviours, this game keeps things simple – to surprisingly good effect. Yes, this game does feel a little dated in many respects. At the same time you will find that characteristic solid Barcrest game-play, and the chance to accumulate some decent sized wins too.

There is one aspect to this slot which differs from most others. Instead of wins needing to start on the left hand reel, these can start at any point on the 5 reel grid. You need 3 matching symbols on a win-line to get a prize – so realistically this means 4 symbol wins can start on the first or second reel, and 3 symbol wins can start on the 3rd reel. This creates a lot more winning opportunities than you might think.

I have seen  better looking gems based slots, with this one looking well produced, though slightly dated. The light-work on the gems themselves is good and the crowns are very detailed. Use of playing card symbols is a shame; it does not seem too difficult to replace these with more gems for a better overall look and feel.

Playing the Crown Gems Slot

Most Barcrest slots have fixed win lines (you cannot adjust this number manually). Crown Gems uses the standard 10 line setup, and sets a wide range of spin amounts between 10c and a giant $500 per spin.

Prizes in the pay table can seem pretty small compared to many other slots. What you need to keep in mind is that the ‘start anywhere’ rule makes for a lot more wins than on slots which do not have this system. The smaller overall prizes are made up for by having many more of them. This decreases the volatility of the game overall – so you will get a lot of action for your money.

Crown symbols buck the trend as far as the prize amounts go. If you land 5 of these on a line you will win a generous 5000 coins. You can also win 500 coins for 4 (which can start on either the first or the second line) and a smaller pay out for just 3.

The gems have the next biggest prizes; these are topped by the Ruby, which will net you 500 coins for 5 on a line. The other gems, followed by the playing card symbols make up the smaller wins.

Unusually, there are no wild symbols in play – and no scatter symbols either. Crown Gems is all about the simple on-reel game, with no break out bonus games, free spins or any other gimmicks at all.

Summary of Crown Gems

Super-simple slots do have their fans, and the basic game play in Crown Gems is difficult to argue with. At the same time, this game feels a little dated and lacks the attractive graphics of many rival games. There are even gems-based games within the Barcrest portfolio which are more engaging than this game. A great example is the Jackpot Jewels game. This combines the gems theme, the ‘start anywhere’ winning combinations system, and adds on 2 extra reels and the potential for a big pay out for 7-of-a-kind of any of the symbols in play.

If you are looking to relax with a simple slot (the soundtrack is a chilled computer generated tune), and enjoy some classic gems action, then Crown Jewels might be worth a spin – check it out for yourself soon!

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