Ca$hino Slots Machine

This is a classic live venue slot from Barcrest, which built up a big following over time. You can now find it online. The logo has a dollar sign for the ‘s’ of cash – and you’ll quickly see why. This slot is unashamedly about money. There is a gambling element throughout the slot. One of the biggest features is a  roulette wheel, which has the potential to take you to a second reel for really big wins. Cashino is not a game that will blow you away with state of the art graphics or video clips. Instead this is a solid slot which has earned its reputation live and still has huge appeal in its online format.

One aspect of this slot which is worth mentioning upfront is that you are not reliant on the bonus games to win money. You can win 10,000 coins from regular play – and will often hit multiple wins at the same time with the help of the joker symbols which are wild.

Playing Barcrest’s Cashino

The win lines for Cashino are selectable, with 20 being the maximum. With wild symbols in play, I recommend sticking to the full number of lines – this gives you the best opportunity to use those wilds to make multiple wins. You can spin from just $1 all the way up to $1000. As with all Barcrest slots, there is also an auto-play option.  You’ll be greeted with computer beeps and tunes of varying quality – I’m really not sure I like the sounds which happen when you hit a win!

On the reels you will find dice, cards, roulette wheels, the joker and lots of playing card symbols – along with the Cashino logo. In addition to the big 10,000 coin prize mentioned above, there are plenty of smaller wins to keep your bankroll topped up while you wait for the features. These include 500 coins for 5 of the logos and 200 coins for the higher playing cards. Unusually, there are 3 different bonus symbols in this game. These are dice, cards and the roulette wheel, 3 of each anywhere on the reels will trigger the appropriate bonus game.

Bonus Games on Cashino

The most dramatic looking bonus comes when you hit 3 of the roulette wheels on the reels. This is a break out screen which houses a giant 3D roulette wheel on it. Most of the slots on this wheel contain multipliers (of your total bet amount), which can be as high as 100 times. The wheel spins on its own – you do not need to do anything to start this. A red pointer at the bottom will either point to a multiplier or land on a slot with a picture of a roulette wheel. If you hit the wheel, then you go to a second wheel with significantly bigger wins on it and spin again.

Dice symbols trigger the free spins round. The first stage of this is to find out how many spins you won by clicking on one of the dice. There is nothing too exceptional about the free spins themselves. You simply watch your wins mount up while the game plays automatically.

Cards trigger the 3rd bonus game, which stays on the regular reels. If you hit 3 of this symbol, the game lets you pick one of them – which shows a win as a multiple of your total stake. You’ll be credited that win instantly.

This slot is all about the game-play. Visually, it looks dated, and the audio is more irritating than a positive addition to the game. After playing it, you will quickly see how this became one of Barcrest’s most popular slots. The combination of a simple game with several bonus rounds to keep you engaged works nicely together. I will look forward to seeing whether Barcrest manage to come up with a more modern version of this classic game.

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