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Have you ever wanted to play a part in a bank heist? Maybe you’re just itching to crack the code to the vault – or at least have a quick peak at all the goodies inside. Well, with Action Bank from SGI Interactive & Barcrest, you’ll finally have your chance to spin the dials and access the inner sanctum of one of the internet’s finest faux institutions. It’s all about Xs, Os, Bars, and bouillon!

The Action Bank game is fairly basic in appearance, but that old-school look is part of the game’s appeal. No over-the-top animation or neon lights to hurt your poor, tired eyes, just lots of straight lines and primary colors highlighting how you can win, lose, and, hopefully, strike it rich. There are some surprise details that stick out even more because of the overall game’s basic design, but those just add visual interest. Trust us, you’ll see!

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Playing the Action Bank Slot Game

The Action Bank slot screen feature 5 x 3 grid – five columns across and five rows for a total of 15 symbols on screen at any given time. Bets start at just 1c per line but you can crank it up to $20 per line if you choose too. With the number lines per bet stuck at 20, your total wager will fall somewhere between just 20c per spin and a whopping $400. If you like to bet big, Action Bank has you covered!

The symbols are just as classic as the game’s theme. There’s the lucky number 7, the BAR, and an X. Lining up three, four, or five of a kind will net you a prize, with five 7s winning 500x your original bet. The next biggest regular spin win is five BARs, worth 100x your original bet, followed by five Xs, worth 50x your original bet.

There are also big white Os that crop up fairly often. Unfortunately, those boring doughnut holes are worth absolutely nothing, and in fact they will block your other symbols from lining up for a win. These useless Os might be the most frustrating part of Action Bank and some players won’t like all the dead space, but others might be excited by the challenge. It takes time and patience to crack a bank vault and Action Bank is recreating that waiting game with remarkable accuracy!

Note that there’s also no auto play button, so you’ll have to keep on clicking if you want to keep on spinning.

Winning with the Joker’s Wild

The rather ornery looking Joker is just as wild as his title suggests. He’s decked out in a red and blue jester costume and he looks ready to wreak havoc. Lucky for you, his particular brand of mischief is to help you money. Wild Joker symbols substitute for any other symbol on the board, making it easy for your to score big wins.

The Big Bank Bonus

Five scattered Bank Vault symbols anywhere on the slot screen triggers the Big Bank Bonus, otherwise known as free games. You’ll win wither 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 free spins, and that’s not all. During the Big Bank Bonus, you’ll also have a chance at the big haul – the Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire Multipliers. Picking one of five vaults will reveal your prize which you can them gamble in hopes of increasing your win. You can retrigger the Free Games Bonus too just by getting five more scattered Bank Vault symbols while your free games are still in play.

Just remember, the Wild Joker symbol won’t substitute for the Bank Vault symbol, so you’ll have to wait patiently for those golden dials to come spinning around on their own.

Overall Play Experience

Action Bank is a bit of a throwback to a time when slot games weren’t covered in branded logos and filled with symbols representing celebrities or television shows. There’s nothing wrong with more modern-looking games – they can be extremely fun in their own right – but it’s kind of nice to have a sleek, subtle alternative like Action Bank for those days when you just want to spin the reels, not choose a bunch of bonus game options or watch a half-time show every time you win a few coins.

That said, there is plenty of visual interest and fun to be had, as long as you don’t mind biding your time and plotting the big wins because it might take a while to get there. What’s really important is that you have everything you need to break the bank – or is that break into the bank? Ready the getaway car and go, because it’s time to grab the dough!

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