7’s to Burn Slot Machine

7’s to Burn Slots is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot machine from Barcrest. Sevens to Burn has a top fixed jackpot of 250 coins and has a minimum bet of $0.01, though higher denominations are available. All of this makes 7’s to Burn Slots a perfect game for penny players, though other reasons exist to play this game.

7’s to Burn was released by Barcrest in 2015, meaning the game’s graphics and sound quality are top-rate. People searching for this game might see it listed among the William Interactive (WMS Gaming) slots. Williams Gaming and Barcrest are both owned by Scientific Games these days, which might explain the confusion.

7 burn

7s to Burn Coin Denomination

The minimum coin denomination on 7s to Burn is $0.01. The maximum coin denomination is $5.00. This provides a range, though it is not as wide of a range as some high rollers might want. One game feature is going to appeal to high rollers, though, so players who bet a lot of money should keep reading.

77 Burning Wild Symbol

The first reel symbol anyone should familiarize themselves with is the “burning 77” symbol. This is the jackpot symbol, which gives the game its name. The idea is a player has more 7s than they need. In this case, if you receive three 77 symbols, you’ll receive a 250x coin jackpot.

77 Wild Symbol

The regular “77” symbol is the next-biggest jackpot on the game. If you receive three 77 symbols on a payline, this triggers a 100x jackpot amount. The burning-77 and the regular 77 act as wild symbols, substituting for any other symbol on the game. This leads to a lot of winning combinations. The main difference in the two wild icons is how much the jackpot amount for each is.

7s to Burn Reel Symbols

The other top reel symbols on the game are the “stars & bells” symbol, which contains two stars over two ringing bells. When three of these symbols appear on a payline, it unlocks a 40x jackpot. The double-symbol motif does not end there.

If you receive two watermelons over the double-bar symbol, this unlocks a 20x payout. Two different double-fruit symbols trigger an 8x payout.

7s to Burn Gamble Feature

7s to Burn has a gamble feature on the game. The gamble feature acts as a kind of double-or-nothing bet, which is appropriate for this game. Whenever you have a winning spin, you can hit the “Gamble” button to make a double-or-nothing bet. If you win, you double your winnings. If you lose, it’s like you never won coins in the first place. This does not affect the house edge of the game, but it makes the game a whole lot more interesting for gamblers.

Few Bonus Features on 7s to Burn

Besides the wild symbol and the gamble feature, 7’s to Burn Slots is devoid of most bonus features, so you won’t find scatter symbols, multipliers, free spins, and bonus games. Players might run from such a game, but keep in mind that the slot machines with the highest winning spin ratio and best return-to-player are often those without bonus features and high jackpots.

7s to Burn Slots – Hi Roller Spins

7s to Burn Slots is a game for high stakes gamblers. Players can touch the “Hi Roller” button to activate 5 high roller spins on the game. When this happens, the burning-77 symbol is automatically wild, like it would be in the bonus game. This makes the game much more exciting and profitable for high rollers.

Game designers often program two pay tables to allow casinos to offer a special high roller version of a game. In this case, Barcrest provides the high roller benefits in a direct and overt fashion, which is actually more interesting.

7s to Burn’s Return to Player

The return to play is 95.1% on Sevens to Burn Slots. That is a highly competitive RTP in an industry which has 93% RTPs as a standard. The RTP is the same as expected return for some readers. For those who prefer to chart the house edge, it represents as 4.9% house edge — better than most slots, keno, and American roulette.


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