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One of the main reasons as to why slot machines have become a favorite pastime activity of millions around the world has a lot to do with the fact that you do not need to hone and master any skills to play these games. Slot games are played mainly for fun, and winnings are a direct result of luck, involving no complicated strategies whatsoever. Players can find a whole host of attractive slot games that are themed around sports, TV shows, feature films, music artists, etc. The vibrant graphics and fine game play options on offer lure the masses to the casinos like clockwork, but the incorporation of a few new technologies have helped take slot machines to the next level. One such technology is u-spin.

u-Spin has made slot games all the more exciting as it allows you to experience an extraordinarily creative gambling environment. Slot games in the past worked in a simple manner. All that a player had to do was hit the ‘Spin’ option on the slot machine, but the addition of the u-Spin feature means that players are able to spin the wheel using manual effort. Most new slot games have touch screens so that players can spin the wheel by placing their hand on the screen and making a revolving motion. Almost all slot machines that are lined up for launch are said to have the u-Spin feature. However, software developers at present have included it only for the bonus rounds in most games.

Right from the days of ‘Wheel of Fortune’, the spinning wheel has been among the most interesting features in casino games. Although this particular game did not have the option of manually spinning the wheel, software developers didn’t take too long to realize the kind of frenzy the addition of the said feature would drive in the market. u-Spin makes for a highly proactive experience which makes slot games increasingly exciting for players of all kinds. Cash Spin is among the slot games which uses the u-Spin feature.

Bally and u-Spin

Bally Technologies has delivered several stunning slot machines over the years. The company recorded the players’ initial reactions when the u-Spin technology had first been incorporated into slot games, saying that the enthusiasm is contagious. Cash Spin – the first slot game with the u-Spin feature made groundbreaking progress as it bagged several honors at gaming expos. Cash Spin is truly one of a kind, including a brightly-colored massive spinning wheel which covers up two-thirds of the screen. During bonus rounds, players get to spin the wheel manually using manual force, deciding the exact amount of pressure they want to exert on the spin.

The wheel rotates depending upon how much force is used. The level of realism is truly amazing and is further improved by the sound effects which accurately mimic the sounds made by spinning wheels when they slow down. Interaction and control enter new horizons thanks to the u-Spin technology. This innovative, award-winning technology incorporates Bally’s immensely successful and visually brilliant V32 video platform in addition to iReels – Bally’s Interactive Reels feature, allowing players to enjoy the game both as a reel-spinner as well as a video simultaneously.

Playing Cash Spin for Real Money

The variety of unique features in Cash Spin makes it a fine game for all kinds of slots players. It has three reels and 25 paylines, allowing players to place 200 credits as a maximum bet. Coin bets can be made starting one cent, while the highest bet amount is 25 cents which especially suits reserved gamblers who are looking for a fun experience rather than staking their money. The video and flashing lights which appear when the game is in progress enhance the overall experience. Players can get frequent hits when playing the core game, with the scatter icon serving as one of the most generous facets of the game. When players gather more than two symbols of Money Bags, they can claim up to 50X of their total wager. This game also has a jackpot which resets after 75 spins.

Bonus Rounds Using u-Spin

Another bonus game which can be triggered when you hit the u-Spin icon. The symbol must emerge on reel number three to activate the bonus round. Upon activation, your screen will display a massive wheel which has over 20 divisions. These division include casino credits between 200 and 500, progressive jackpots and free games. You merely have to place your hand on the screen before making a slight rotating motion to spin the wheel. Sensors are present on the screen so that its movement is controlled. Similar to the manner in which a real wheel is spun, the u-Spin feature ensures that each spin is life-like as it depends upon the force used by players. A rapid motion will set the wheel in motion and keep it spinning for a while. On the other hand, a simple brush against the screen will see it move very slowly.

When the wheel stops at a particular segment, players will be awarded with the corresponding prize. While playing this bonus game, you can win up to twelve free spins and have their credit values doubled. During your free spins, you can re-activate more free spins by hitting the ‘Free Games’ option. The highest number of free spins that players can win when playing this game is sixty.

The design of the u-Spin feature is fairly simple and it has no complicated instructions that may confuse players. A glowing candle features different colors based upon the level, adding to the graphics of the game. Popular voices of movie stars are also incorporated into Cash Spin to direct players through the bonus rounds. Large winnings are highly possible when playing Cash Spin, and it is recommended that you start the game by wagering smaller denominations before gradually increasing your bets. At the moment, Cash Spin is one of the most happening slot games at casinos all over the world as players get set to experience the one-of-a-kind u-Spin technology.

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