Titanic Slots

Titanic Slots is a licensed 5-reel slot machine from Bally Technologies. Titanic slot machine has two free spin features, four bonus games, and the famous U-Spin Wheel Bonus Feature. The slot machine also includes video clips from the second highest-grossing movie of all time: James Cameron’s 1997 Oscar-winning film, Titanic.

Mike Trask, the Public Relations Manager for Bally Technologies, said Titanic slots is a “huge brand for us” since it won 11 Academy Awards. It is a penny machine with a max bet of 400 coins and a wide-area progressive jackpot. Each bonus level opens up new bonus features.

Play Bally's Titanic Slot Machine for Free Online

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  • Playing Titanic Slots

    Titanic slot is a game for the masses. It works as a penny slot machine with betting up to 400 coins. Bally Technologies debuted the game for the Global Gaming Expo in 2013, alongside slots titles like Super Red Phoenix, Fu Dao Le, Super Rise of Ra, Fu Lion, and Aztec Dawn. Titanic hit casino floors in early 2014 and, in less than two years, Titanic Slots has become one of its best and most popular games.

    This is a slot game driven by its bonus features and video clips. Each of the bonus games and special features is described below. So are Titanic’s theme and reel icons.

    Jack’s Drawing Bonus

    One of the iconic scenes from Titanic is the one where Jack draws a picture of a disrobed Kate. A clip from this scene is shown to introduce the Mystery Bonus game. If you can match three of Jack’s sketches in this online slot, you’ll win a big prize.

    Players spend 40 coins in this slot to buy a ticket in the Mystery Bonus raffle. One ticket is 3rd Class accommodations, two tickets book 2nd Class passage, and three tickets book 1st Class passage, giving you a chance to win the big progressive jackpot.

    U-Spin Bonus Wheel

    The U-Spin Bonus Wheel is the most popular feature on Bally Technologies slot machines these days. Players love it and the designers continue to add it to games. Features in this slot include bonus games, multipliers, and various numbers of free spins. Bonus offers on the wheel include Make It Count Free Games, Heart of the Ocean Free Games, the Safe Bonus, and the Pick Up Feature.

    In many ways, this is the bonus feature which unlocks most of the other games, so view the U-Spin Bonus Wheel as a portal to many potential bonus games. Even free spins with multipliers are a possibility.

    Make It Count Bonus Game

    The Make It Count Bonus has all-new bonus icons, which the player won’t have seen anywhere else in the game. Hope you select the clock symbol because it unlocks the biggest prizes on the Make It Count bonus game.

    Heart of the Ocean Bonus Game

    The Heart of the Ocean Bonus Game features a popular game mechanic. The player is allowed to choose more free spins with a lower multiplier or a less free spins with a bigger multiplier. This gives gamblers their preference for bonus games. I recommend a bigger multiplier in fewer spins because you only have to get lucky once to max out your winnings. Some might prefer longer bonus games, though.

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    The History of the Titanic

    When the R.M.S. Titanic launched for its maiden voyage on April 15, 1912, it was the largest cruise liner ever built. As one of three Olympia-level ships in the White Star Line, the Titanic was thought to be the unsinkable ship. When it sailed from Southampton, England on the way to New York City, the Titanic had 2,244 passengers. Over 1,500 of those passengers never would reach shore again, making the sinking of the Titanic one of the biggest maritime disasters in history.

    Over the decades, legends grew around the Titanic. One of the legends was Capt. Edward Smith did not pay attention to warnings about icebergs ahead of the ship — that the captain piloted the ship full-steam ahead, unconcerned by the danger. In truth, a series of unlikely events meant Captain Smith did not know about the dangers ahead. He was unaware but took the necessary precautions. Despite those precautions, the Titanic hit an iceberg, which ripped a massive hole along the ship’s hull, below the waterline.

    Legends grew about certain passengers. The captain wanted to go down with his sinking ship. The Titanic’s orchestra played as the ship sank. Wealthy passengers were given preferential treatment when it came time to use the lifeboats. White Star Lines executives saw no reason to stock the ship with enough lifeboats, because of their arrogance at the ship’s superior design.

    The Titanic Movie

    James Cameron seized upon the Titanic legends when he made his film. In particular, Cameron played up the class distinctions between the passengers. That became the crux of his star-crossed love story about Jack and Rose, the two main characters in the film, who played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Jack was the roustabout riding in the Third Class section of the ship. Kate was a young woman in a loveless engagement to a tasteless aristocrat.

    When it opened in theaters, Titanic shattered all previous box office records ($2.186 billion). Only Cameron’s Avatar and Avengers: End Game has surpassed it since.


    Bally Technologies put everything it had into this slot machine game. The graphics are world-class, while the film clips are well-chosen to hit the mark from a nostalgia and romance angle. Add in popular game features like a wide-area progressive jackpot and the U-Spin feature and Titanic Slots is one of the premier games from Bally Technologies.