Sumo Kitty Slot Machine

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Reels: 5
Paylines: 1024
Developer: Bally

Available In:
USA Regional

Bally slots might be entertaining to play, though they do not normally break the mould of standard slot setups like this game does. Sumo Kitty has a unique new feature called ‘Hot Zones’. These can give you extra wilds as you play. The game is also ‘hosted’ by a cartoon cat in Sumo gear, who stands on top of the reels and will often jump or stamp his feet – causing the entire slot to shake. This is a very entertaining game, the combinations of 1024 ‘all-ways’ wins and the potential for a lot of extra wilds also mean that it has the potential for big wins.

Reels are a little smaller than you will be used to from Bally Slots, taking up approximately the bottom half of your screen. The top is taken by the Kitty, an oriental archway and information on the bonus features. The reels have a black background and feature a mix of playing cards and classic Asian symbols. These include a bonsai tree, lotus flower, golden carp and the sumo Kitty himself. There are also logos which say ‘sumo’. When these land (with a thud) you can trigger the free spins bonus feature. You will notice the Tetris-like purple blocks which fall over the reels as you play. These are a special feature of this game known as ‘hot zones’.

Playing Sumo Kitty

Instead of win-lines, this slot uses the all-ways system of wins. Any sequence of 3+ symbols on adjacent reels starting from the left trigger a win. There are 4 rows of symbols on each reel, increasing your chances of matches further. This system has the advantage that you cannot have symbols which miss a win-line (as long as there are no gaps for entire reels). To play all of these likes you will need to spend 50 credits, which you can select the value of from 1c and up.

Wins seem small when you look at the pay table – think 5 to 10x for 5 of a kind and going down from there. What you will find is that you get a lot of wins, often in big groups when the wild symbols come into play.

Hot zones happen when the Tetris like pieces land over the reels. The symbols they highlight turn into wilds, often creating multiple wins. You’ll get an animation for 5 of a kind, and the total for multiple 4+ wins can add up quickly. Sometimes these hot zone blocks will land fully on the reels, other times they will partially overlap.

Bonus Games on Sumo Kitty

Sumo logo symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger the free spins bonus game. You have a choice to make before this starts. You can choose from 5, 10 or 20 free spins. The twist here is that the fewer spins you choose, the higher the potential multiplier on your wins. 5 spins comes with a multiplier of between 10x and 20x. 10 spins comes with a multiplier of between 5x and 10x – and 20 spins has the lowest multiplier – with up to 5x possible.

In addition there are extra multipliers via ‘super hot zones’ in the free spins game. These are the same as the usual zones, except they can contain multipliers for wins, for example 2x or 3x. In combination with the overall multipliers, this can make this free spins bonus round very profitable indeed. You can retrigger spins, 3+ bonus symbols simply gets you 5+ spins of whichever type you chose at the outset.

Summary of Sumo Kitty

Bally have stepped outside of the regular game setup – and the result works really well. This slot has all the ingredients of a great game. There is an element of humour, some different game-play in the form of the hot-zones concept – and the chance of a big win via the free spins bonus round. This game makes a great introduction to what Bally is capable of producing, check it out soon!

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