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Skee Ball is one of the more popular games found in amusement arcades. Players will roll a ball up a ramped lane and get points based upon which section of the ‘target’ the ball lands. The nearer the center of the target, the more points the player will earn.

In Skee Ball, much like many other games in the arcade, players are rewarded with tickets and these can be used to claim prizes which are mainly toy based.

Although not the easiest thing to do, Bally have taken this idea and turned it into a live casino slot and you’ll be surprised at just how good a representation of the game this slot is.

How the Skee Ball Slot Works

You won’t be playing Skee Ball immediately the first time you stand in front of this slot machine, as that part of the game is only available during the feature – the base game is a pretty standard one. The reels are set up with a 5×4 configuration and the game has a set total of 40 win lines that pay from left to right as usual.

On the reels, you’ll find a nice variety of symbols which are mainly toy related. These toy symbols look back to an earlier time, possibly back to the early part of the last century when Skee Ball was invented. You have a toy car, a rubber duck, a robot, a teddy bear and a spinning top.

One interesting feature of the game is the ‘flip wild’. When this symbol appears, you’ll see it transform into another random symbol. This might seem a cool feature at first, but it actually means that the wild really just acts like any other symbol, as it will not substitute for anything else. What it does bring is an extra layer of engagement, as you’ll know exactly which symbol you’ll hope it turns into as all the other reels are now in place.

Skee Ball Bonus Feature

This slot is clearly all about the bonus feature, where you finally get to play Skee Ball. To enter this feature you’ll need to land three or more of the Skee Ball symbols across any of the reels. Having achieved this, you’ll now be taken to a second screen where you’ll see the Skee Ball setup and start to play.

The actual gameplay in this part of the game is simple – you touch the screen to set the Skee Ball in motion and then hope you achieve a big score. The more points you earn, the more tickets you’ll win (just like in real life Skee Ball) and after the game has finished you’ll now claim a prize.

You’ll now be taken to another screen where you’ll see shelves of prizes, each shelf showing prizes based upon a designated number of tickets. You’ll now pick one of the toys which once again show a good vintage range including a kazoo, chattering teeth and a space rocket. Having picked your prize, a credit amount will be revealed, which will be instantly added to your balance.

In designing this slot, it’s clear that Bally made a great attempt at remaining faithful to Skee Ball and they have done a fine job. In fact, the game made such an impact on the casino floor that a number of awards came their way, including the ‘2012 Slot Floor Technology Award’ and ‘Most Innovative Gaming Awards’.

Colorful Retro Skee Ball Design

Skee Ball is certainly one of those slot machine games which will appeal to those who enjoy the retro look. The combination of the vintage toys on the reels will certainly bring a smile to your face, while also adding a nice splash of color to the reels. Fans of more modern slots may not be as impressed – you don’t have the bright lights, brilliant animation or the huge range of bonus features that you might find at some of the movie or TV based games on the casino floor, but this clearly not the aim. The bonus feature is the highlight of the visuals when the screen transforms into a game of Skee Ball, this being the one interactive feature of the slot.

Should You Try the Skee Ball Slot?

I have this vision of somebody at Bally sitting at a meeting a few years ago and suggesting that they design a ‘Skee Ball’ based slot – and being met by a series of blank stares. Strangely, however, they have pulled it off. This is a very entertaining, enjoyable and unique game. Yes, the base game isn’t too different from most other slots and whether you’ll be a fan of the ‘flip wild’ is open to question, but this game is all about the feature. Play Skee Ball, turn those points into tickets and then claim your prize!

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