Rocket Returns Slot Machine from Bally
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Rocket Returns is a unique new game from Bally, featuring a diamond shaped set of reels. Officially, you can call it a slot, but this is nothing like any slot you will have played before, as you’ll need to connect four or more symbols together on the diamond shaped grid to land a win.

Rocket Returns has a real retro feel, the graphics looking very much like a game from the Pacman era. The game isn’t high on features, but the free spins bonus round can give you much more enjoyment than is immediately evident.

How the Diamond Shaped Reel Setup in Rocket Returns Works

This Bally slot machine design features a series of 9 hexagons which are formed together to create a diamond shape. Each of these hexagons will reveal one symbol and act effectively as their own mini reels. To win, you’ll need to have at least four of the same symbol connected and this is made easier by the wild symbol, which will appear regularly on the center hexagon, which is connected to six of the other eight symbols. This wild will substitute for every other symbol apart from the bonus one. You sometimes gain a wild boost, as when it does substitute for another symbol, you can see a 2x or 3x multiplier randomly appear – this multiplier is applied to your total win amount.

The game has five ‘standard’ symbols, although a look at the pay table tells you how different this game is. The top payout comes your way when you manage to hit the maximum nine symbols (meaning the entire game is filled with the same symbol or a wild), while the pay outs range down to four in a row. The highest paying of these is the pale blue seven, which has a top prize of 250 coins, ranging all the way down to your stake back if you hit the minimum 4. The orange seven is next on the pay table and this is worth 200 coins. Completing the standard symbols are the treble, double and single BAR symbols, these outlined in yellow, purple and green respectively. These pay 100, 70 and 30 coins as their top prize.

Big Multipliers in the Rocket Returns Slot Bonus Feature

So far, no mention has been made of a rocket, but this plays a big role as the bonus symbol. This symbol can appear at the top hexagon, center hexagon and the bottom one (according to the game’s instructions, these make up positions 1, 5 and 9). If this pixelated rocket appears in each of these positions, you’ll find yourself with 5 free spins.

At first this might seem a little underwhelming, especially in a slot industry when you regularly receive upwards of 10 free spins, though it’s not as bad as you might think. First, you receive a potential boost with the wild symbol in these free spins. Where, in the base game, you had multipliers that went up to 3x, here you can win a multiplier of up to 5x.

The real boost in this bonus round is the ease at which you’ll gain extra free spins. Every time a single rocket appears on the reels, you’ll get an extra free spin. If you land two rockets, an additional 2 free spins are yours. Finally, if you hit the maximum three rockets again, an additional five free spins are yours. From a feature where you only had 5 spins, you’ll regularly find that the number of spins will go well beyond that, sometimes giving you many more spins than rival games.

Retro Rocket Returns Slot Design

The retro design of this game is really appealing, although non-retro fans might not actually like the pixelated graphics which might remind them of a time when the Nintendo console was all the rage. Above the ‘reels’ you’ll find a rainbow-colored title which throws off bright fireworks into the night sky, while behind the’ reels’ you’ll see a high-rise town, the reflection of the moon giving it a purple coloring. The game itself is very simple to play – just set the stake and hit the spin button. There are no complications whatsoever, making for a fun, quick and easy game.

Rocket Returns Slot Overview

If you enter this game and are expecting a traditional slot, you’ll quickly realize that this is nothing of the sort – in fact in many ways it’s more like an app in the ‘Candy Crush’ mold. However, the game does have an endearing quality, especially with the retro graphics and the quick and easy gameplay. The feature is a good one that really grows on you, especially when the number of spins quickly arcs upwards. There are much bigger and better slots out there, though for a refreshing change, Rocket Returns is certainly a game worth a go.

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