Quick Shot Zhong Qiu Slots Game

Bally’s Latest Asian Themed Quick Shot Slot Reviewed

This new title from Bally uses the same 3 babies image as Quick Shot Duanwu. While they share the Quick Shot progressive jackpot element, these slots are very different. I tried translating Zhongqui, which came out as ‘Z Red Ball’. A player on YouTube suggested ‘Moon-Festival’ was the correct translation – which sounds more likely!

In addition to the Quick Shot jackpot, there are other ways to win on this game. The stacked red lanterns from other Bally Asian titles are in play. These are wilds and will often create multiple wins. There is also a free spins bonus game, where you collect gold coins to turn progressively more of the reels completely wild. Those same wild reels will help you hit the progressives, which require 5 of a kind wins in addition to the special symbol for the trigger.

How to Win on Quick Shot Zhongqiu

The setup for this slot is a 5 reel, 4 row grid with 50 win-lines. You can bet from 1c per line, or 50c per spin up to 10c ($5). Bally slots do not allow you to reduce the number of win lines like those from some other makers do.

Unique symbols have been ‘borrowed’ from other Bally Asian slot titles. The biggest regular prize comes via the 3 babies symbol – this is worth 200 coins for 5 of a kind and is the only symbol which pays all the way down to 2 from the left. A rabbit wearing gold, bracelet with a dragon on it, golden carp and pink lily make up the other unique symbols. With prizes for 5 of a kind from 200 down to 100, it can seem like the payouts are low. What you will find with Bally slots is that the biggest prizes come when you hit multiple lines at the same time – in addition to those Quick Shot progressive jackpot wins.

Playing card symbols, which are given minor Asian design elements, make up the smaller wins.

Red lanterns are wild symbols. They can appear stacked on the reels, which means you will find one or more entire reels covered in the same symbol from time to time. This can lead to multiple (sometimes different combination) wins at once.

Other than the Quick Shot symbols, the last element on the reels is a fat gold coin. This is a scatter symbol, paying up to 20x your total spin amount if you hit 5 of a kind anywhere in view. Even 3 will get you 5x your total bet. Even better, these symbols trigger the free spins bonus game – you will get 12 free spins for 3+ of these coins in view.

How the Quick Shot Symbols Work

Above the reels on the upper part of the cabinet, you will see 4 different progressive jackpots ticking upwards. These range from $20 or so, up to over $1000 for the top-level prize. To trigger these, you need to hit 5 of a kind wins which include special Quick Shot symbols on the last reel. To hit the biggest jackpot, you will need to hit 4 wins at once. These symbols do not appear all the time, so you need a lucky combination of 5-symbol wins and the Quick Shot symbols being in the right place. This is much easier during the free spins game, as entire reels can be wild.

Free Spins with Wild Reels

Quick Shot Zhongqiu has a default of 12 free spins. What makes this game different to free spins rounds on many other slots is the progressive element which turns entire reels wild. The idea is that for every 4 coins you collect during the free spins game, one more reel from the right-hand side will turn wild. You start off with 3 coins, and so only need 1 more anywhere in view to get the 5th reel wild. As you collect 4 more the 4th, then 3rd reels become wild. Depending on how reels 1 and 2 square up – this can lead to some significant wins.

Quick Shot Zhong Qiu – Design

Like many new Bally Slots, the graphics are superb. The coloring and way that the symbols stand out against the background is a step-up from what most other slot makers are producing. There is nothing especially flashy or intensive about the graphics during play. The sequence where reels go wild – flaming first – is impressive enough in a small way. The coin fountain effect if you do happen to hit a big win is also very nicely produced.

Summing Up – How Does Quick Shot Zhong Qiu Compare?

This is a solid and enjoyable slot – rather than a stand-out game. Fans of Bally Quick Hit and Quick Shot titles will immediately recognize the look and feel of the game. There is little to interrupt the flow of the base game – though the free spins, with accompanying wild reels, are certainly worth hitting.

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