Quick Hit Black Gold


The ‘Quick Hit’ series of slot by Bally has been such a big success that it has spawned many variations. Quick Hit Black Gold is one of the better examples – and a slot which has made its way from casino floors to the world of online gambling. Other titles in this range include Quick Hit Las Vegas and Quick Hit Pro. Like  many Bally slots, your first impression can be of a plain, almost retro game. Once you start playing you will realize that there is a little more to it than just the playing card symbols, bars and bells which adorn the reels.

A key thing that all of the Quick Hit range has in common is that there are big scatter wins that can come in at any time. These are via the special Quick Hit symbols – which pay up to 2500x you bet if you are lucky enough to get 9+ on the reels.

This is not the most attractive slot; I’d go as far as to call it ugly. The symbols are in shaded purple boxes which make up the grid. At the top of the reels is the familiar logo, along with the 4 different variations of the bonus game. Symbols are plain, there is some work with light and shading, though nothing spectacular. Animations when you get wins are basic, and the music is straight from the standard Bally sounds library.

Playing Quick Hit Black Gold

Win lines are fixed on Bally slots and this one has a very standard 30. You can spin from 1c per line, up to an incredible $450 total ($15 per line). Auto spin is a good option for this type of game, letting the computer do the work of clicking for you.

There is a reasonably big standard win of 70x your total bet amount. This is for the Black Gold Wild symbols (for 5 of a kind), the red 7’s come next at 25x and the dollar signs and 3-bars follow those. There are plenty of wilds in play, which means you will often get multiple wins at the same time.

Bigger wins come via the Quick Hit logos. These are scatter symbols, which means that they pay out regardless of where they appear on the reels. The top prize of 2500x your stake is for 9; 8 will pay 1000x, 7 gives you 100x and soon down to 1x for 3.

The final symbol on the reels is the ‘free Fever Games’ logo. If you get 3 of these, you start the bonus feature.

Bonus Games on Quick Hit Black Gold

Though you will always get a free spins bonus with 3+ of the Free Fever Games logos, there is a pick-em type game to select which of 4 variations you play. This is a grid of blue tiles. You click them, revealing either 2x wins, 3x wins, Frozen Wilds or Quick Hit Fever. Once you get to 3 of a single type, then that is the bonus you’ll start.

Apart from the counters on top of the reels there is nothing different about play in the free spins round. The game simply cycles through your plays quickly, and counts your winnings. If you get the frozen wilds, then any wilds that appear on the screen will stay in place for the rest of the bonus. Quick Hit Fever features extra scatter symbols, while the multipliers simply give you bigger wins. If you are lucky you will see the ‘Big Win’ animation (a fountain of coins) when you return to the main game.

Summary of Quick Hit Black Gold

In common with the other games in this series, the focus is very much on the game-play – rather than flashy graphics or gimmicks. The chance to win 2500x your stake at any moment does make a difference, which is the real appeal of this series. I like the variations on the free spins round, which will help to keep people interested for longer. This is not the best of the range, though a solid and very enjoyable slot none the less.

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