Quick Hit Jungle Slots Machine


Bally’s New Jungle-Themed Slot is a Worthy Addition to the Quick Hits Range

Quick Hit slots have been with us for many years, and have seen many new titles and variations on the original games released. What the maker of these games – Bally (now part of Scientific Games) – are masters at is expanding this range without alienating fans of the original titles. Once you play the new Quick Hit Jungle live slot, I’m sure you’ll agree this game has hit that balanced objective perfectly.

Graphically, this Bally title stands out. The symbols are bright and clear – and a roaring tiger making an occasional appearance is certainly dramatic. You’ll have intense jungle drums type music while you play, which is certainly a change from the brass instrument soundtracks of early Quick Hit games. Big wins are the main attraction, and the progressive jackpots are still in place – triggered by the logo symbols. In addition, you can win big during the free spins bonus round, where multipliers of up to 10x your line wins are possible.

Quick Hit Jungle – Setup and Line Wins

This game uses a 5 by 3 grid (that is 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols on each). There are 30 win lines in total, and bets between 30c and $3 can be made. If you have played Quick Hit slots before, then you will already be familiar with many of the symbols. The red 7’s are in place, as are the (single) bar symbols – some of which have the number 5 on them.

You will also find some new symbols. A vivid blue butterfly, exotic looking fruit and (most important) a tiger facing you from the reels are included. The reason that the tiger is important is that this is a wild symbol, replacing any regular symbol to create extra winning combinations.

Quick Hits and Bonus Symbols

Quick Hits are the logo symbols. These trigger wins based on the total number in view, and are not tied to any win-lines. You will need a minimum of 3 of these to trigger a win. If you are lucky enough to hit 11 of them in view for a single spin, you win the top progressive jackpot, which is usually several thousand dollars. Smaller numbers work through the lower progressives, with 3 winning you 1x your total spin and 4 triggering 5x.

The final symbol on the reels is a purple circle with ‘free games’ written on it. This only appears on the middle 3 reels, if you hit all 3 then you trigger the bonus game.

Multiplier Pick Round and Jungle Free Spins

Many Quick Hit slots have featured a pick game as part of the free spins round over the years. Usually, this part of the game determines how many spins you will receive. In this game the number of spins is fixed at 10. Instead, the picks game gives you the opportunity to get a multiplier on any wins which include tigers – up to 10x.

The concept is the same as in many Bally slots, you tap circles (jewels) on the screen which reveal a multiplier. You keep tapping until you find 3 that match. At which point you go back to the reels, which are now darker with very intense drumming sounds being played.

As you go through your 10 spins, any win line which involves one of the wilds (the tiger), will be multiplied by the amount your picks reveal. This includes wins from the Quick Hit symbols, though as I understand it not the progressive jackpots.

Graphics and Design

You’ll see plenty of jungle foliage in the background of the reels, as well as underneath them in this game. The coloring of the symbols is excellent, making them stand out vividly over this background. Of the new symbols, the butterfly is certainly the stand out graphics-wise.

What you’ll love to see when you spin is the reels all dimming and a tiger appearing above them – giving a big and realistic roar. This is welcome as it means the bonus game is about to come in. That bonus game also features good graphics, with the circles you hit to find your multiplier looking like gems.

While the music and a lot of the graphics are atmospheric and new, many elements will be familiar. The ‘ping’ sound when a logo symbol hits the reels is instantly recognizable for anyone who has played Quick Hit slots before.

Summing Up – Quick Hit Jungle

As I mentioned at the top of this page, Bally are masters at improving the Quick Hit range without putting off any long-term fans. ‘Jungle’ is new and fresh enough to attract some new players, while familiar enough for the fans of these games to enjoy it too. The multiplier for the free spins, progressive jackpot and fresh new design all combine to make this Bally title worth taking for a spin.

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