Playboy Slots Machine

The Playboy Hot Zone slot game is one of Bally Technologies’ most popular casino games. The five-reel, 40 paylines slot lets you walk into Hugh Hefner’s house with a maximum bet of 200 credits points. What’s so special? This slot machine allows you to use denominations from a single cent, all the way to a hundred dollars per credit.

This makes your maximum bet a whopping $2,000. Needless to say, the more you bet, the better you earn when you win. With an overall hit frequency of a little over 38%, the Playboy Hot Zone slot game has been quite an attraction to slot enthusiasts.

Not only are there great bonuses and free spins, players get a video tour of the lifestyle at the Playboy mansion with every spin. Playboy is an extremely large franchise, and Bally Technologies has done an excellent job of reproducing the delights of the enterprise in the video slot game, Playboy Hot Zone.

Bonus Rounds and Free Games

While you play the Playboy Hot Zone slot game, you have a shot at winning multiple free rounds (eight, 10 or 20). To avail of this bonus, you need to land two Scatter symbols on the reels. Your bet amount for these free rounds remains the same as your original bet when the bonus feature is activated. Naturally, the more you put at stake, the bigger you win, if you are lucky.

The top award in the Playboy Hot Zone slot game is 1,000 credits times the line bet, according to the denomination you are playing. The top award on the maximum bet therefore is 1,000 x 40 x $100. This amounts to a massive 4 million credit points! This kind of money is life-changing, and makes the game attractive to a number of players. The Playboy bunnies and pinup girls simply enhance the player’s experience of the game.

Payouts, Denominations and How to Play the Game

The slot game allows you to bet on the 40 paylines, with a maximum of a 200 credit bet. Keeping to the theme, the symbols on the slots are pin-up girls. The wild symbol is the Playboy bunny, the logo of the entire franchise. The aim of the game is to get as many Wilds as you can in each individual spin. The game also uses the traditional face card values, 10 through Ace as other symbols.

The game is extremely engaging, and runs on Bally’s 22 inch touch-sensitive LCD display. One of the most exciting parts is when you see Hugh Hefner himself show up on screen congratulating you when you are receiving your credit points from the bonus round.

Compatibility with iOS, Android and Other Mobile Devices

The Playboy Hot Zone video slot machine can be downloaded and played across most mobile devices. You may enjoy the game on your iPhone or iPad and Android system whenever you like. Not only is the game easily available through online application stores, it also comes with the Game Locator, a unique feature that allows you to locate the nearest casino in your locality so that you can have a go at the live version of the slot game.

About the Playboy Franchise

Playboy is a successful monthly magazine that features photographs of scarcely clad or nude women. It also has a number of articles and write-ups about latest trends and fiction. Hugh Hefner is the editor-in-chief of the magazine, and has successfully sold over 1.5 million copies through his enterprise. The first issue of the magazine was in the year 1953. The company was started after Hefner took a $1,000 loan from his mother. He, along with his associates totally accumulated $8,000 to start the business, including the money his mother loaned him, and some from his brother.

Now, Playboy magazines sell world-wide, with a number of regular subscribers. It is even published in multiple languages. It is not just the pictures that the magazine is bought for, however. Notable authors, the likes of Ian Fleming, Arthur C. Clarke and Margaret Atwood have made publications through the magazine. There are also a number of interviews  featuring famous personalities.

Playboy’s iconic mascot, the bunny wearing a bow-tie, is now recognized all over the world. Hefner chose this symbol because he felt that a rabbit has sexual meaning in the United States. A rabbit, according to the millionaire tycoon, symbolizes a woman because of its shy, joking and jumpy nature. The magazine continues to feature young women who are simple and shy, like the rabbit. They seldom feature sophisticated women. This can be seen from Hefner’s biography, Hugh Hefner: I am in the center of the world, written by Oriana Fallaci. Bally has done a brilliant job of bringing the mansion to casino floors.

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