Pawn Stars Slots Machine

Bally Technologies has developed a great reputation for producing some truly scintillating slot games. One such product is the Pawn Stars slot machine which revolves around a famous TV show that shares the same name. A large number of slot machines based on popular old TV shows and feature films have been manufactured in recent times, and Bally’s endeavor has recreated a wonderful gaming version of the popular TV series. But there is one huge difference which separates this slot game from all the other TV show or feature film-theme-based games.

While all slots themed around popular broadcasts feature  video clips from the TV show or movie, Pawn stars has no such aspect. However, this does not mean that players cannot have the same amount of fun because Bally has gone the extra mile and come up with original video content especially for this slot machine. Players can experience an exceptional time when having a go at this game. Bally’s operational head says that the game is similar to walking into a pawn shop where you will try and negotiate with the dealer for a big payout.

Pawn Stars Features

The Pawn Stars slot game is loaded with excellent animations and graphics that are very life-like in appearance. The slot machine comes with 25 paylines and five reels. 250 credits is the maximum amount of money you can bet on the Pawn Stars slots. The smallest denomination you can wager on this game is one cent, while the highest is $1000, making the game ideal for both reserved gamblers, as well as high rollers. The maximum payout you can win playing Pawn Stars slots is 18,400 credits.

This slot game operates on the Pro Wheel cabinet which features two 22” screens. The setup is ergonomic and curved and there is a bonus wheel present at the top of the slot machine. The base game can be changed to reflect your own favorite character from the show. Players are provided with the option of selecting from the Old Man, Corey, or Chumlee Rick prior to the commencement of the game. The symbols, colors and pictures present on screen will depict the character of your choice. In addition, every winning combo formed by the reel icon of a particular character will double when you’re engaging in the base game.

Bonus Rounds in Pawn Stars Slots

One of the bonus rounds in the Pawn Stars slot machine is Item Selection. In this feature, you will have to choose one out of 20 available spots as you look to unravel credit prizes. Each spot has a hidden credit prize which can be pawned later. All the items that are collected from the stock may be stored for use in the base bonus feature. There are many bonuses in the Pawn Stars slot game. When the Diamond Wheel symbols emerge on the first and the fifth reel, you will be allowed to spin the bonus wheel through manual effort or iDeck – an LCD button.

Upon spinning the bonus wheel, you can win the Negotiation Bonus, the Chumlee Bonus, the Treasure Bonus, or free games depending upon where the pointer lands. During the Treasure Bonus, your winnings can be multiplied to win between 4X to 60X of the overall bet amount. One of the show’s beloved characters, Chumlee appears on your screen wearing the costume of a cowboy when you’re playing the Chumlee bonus. Players are awarded with multipliers ranging from 2X to 20X. During the free games, you will be awarded with 10, 15 or 20 free games in addition to multipliers of 3X to 6X.

About Pawn Stars – the TV show

Pawn Stars is among the most popular reality TV shows in the United States. Filmed in Sin City and a product of Leftfield Pictures, Pawn Stars chronicles the regular activities at a pawn shop which is a family business running 24X7. It started in 1989. Richard Harrison or the “Old Man” as he is better known initially operates the shop along with Rick Harrison – his son, his grandson Corey Harrison – Rick’s son, and a friend from Corey’s childhood – Austin Russell, or better known as Chumlee.

The show was released in July 2009 and soon became one of other best rated shows of its kind. It was also ranked as the second best reality show in the US. The series beautifully portrays the interactions between staff and customers who come with several different kinds of artifacts which they’re looking to pawn or sell. These customers are shown negotiating the price while discussing the historical backgrounds of the items they bring. Chumlee or one of the Harrisons narrates the show. The show also features interpersonal fights among the cast, adding to the excitement levels of fans and viewers.

A number of local experts who ply their trade in different fields also make regular appearances on the show as they appraise the stuff being pawned or sold. Two of these experts have their own personal spinoff programs. Metal artist/antique restorer Rick Dale was the main person behind the first spin-off of the series – American Restoration. This spin-off premiered in the final quarter of 2010, while auto restoration expert/mechanic Danny Koker (The Count) starred in the third spin off which debuted in August 2012 – Counting Cars.

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