Playboy Don’t Stop the Party Featuring Pitbull

Don’t Stop the Party – Pitbull Slots Machine

What do you get if you cross a pair of playboy bunnies with an American rapper? No, this isn’t the first line of an incredibly bad joke – the answer is a brand-new slot machine from Bally. Putting the Playboy brand and Pitbull together isn’t an obvious choice until you realize that…

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Rocket Returns

Rocket Returns Slot Machine from Bally

Rocket Returns is a unique new game from Bally, featuring a diamond shaped set of reels. Officially, you can call it a slot, but this is nothing like any slot you will have played before, as you’ll need to connect four or more symbols together on the diamond shaped grid to land a win.

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Roll the Bones

Roll the Bones Slot from Bally

Dice games have been around for thousands of years and are said to have started independently across the globe. Early dice were made of bone and this slot plays on this theme, with a skull like figure featuring predominantly at this spooky looking slot. The two dice feature prominently in this game,…

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Shadow Diamond

Shadow Diamond Slot from Bally

Shadow Diamond is one of those slot machine games that give you an insight as to how your life could be after that big jackpot win. The main character of the game is a beautiful dark haired lady, this character featuring in the upper screen of the slot as well as…

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Skee Ball

Skee Ball Slots Machine from Bally

Skee Ball is one of the more popular games found in amusement arcades. Players will roll a ball up a ramped lane and get points based upon which section of the ‘target’ the ball lands. The nearer the center of the target, the more points the player will earn. In Skee Ball,…

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Super Rise of Ra

Super Rise of Ra Slot from Bally

There is little doubt that Ancient Egyptian themed games are some of the most popular on the casino floor, virtually every big-name slot developer designing a slot with the theme. This slot, like many rivals, features symbols such as the Eye of Ra, an Ankh and a Tutankhamen style tomb on the…

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