Racing and speed is something that excites a lot of people. This is exactly what Bally has tried to capitalize on with its new NASCAR themed slots game. NASCAR is the most popular car racing form in the USA and has patrons around the world. In this slots game, all the features, the graphics, the gameplay, and even the icons are based on the NASCAR game. So, NASCAR fans will not only have their share of fun playing this slot machine, but also enjoy so much of the NASCAR related content and themes being displayed on the screen.

A Full NASCAR Experience

According to the release that Bally and NASCAR representatives presented to the media, Bally Technologies acquires the full right to use NASCAR in any way to improve the user experience on the slots game. This has enabled Bally to come up with a game that offers the latest and the most rewarding NASCAR experience, both for the NASCAR fans and the punters. Bally Technologies clearly said in their statement that although they wanted to influence punters (who are fans of NASCAR) to use their machines, they would like to focus on providing the best gaming technology, something that Bally has done and is known for over the years.


iView Display Manager

Bally Technologies have introduced a new type of interface for the new NASCAR themed slots game, known as the iView display manager. This interface gives the players a new experience that integrates the fun of playing slots games with the added bonus of the NASCAR theme. Here, you get to select from a list of some of the famous NASCAR drivers and choose them as a persona for your game. This feature has already been widely appreciated by players from around the world and the game has received a record number of user registrations in a very short span of time.

NASCAR Bonus Features

Quite appropriately, all the bonus features that this game offers are based on NASCAR. These bonuses are high-octane and exciting, just like NASCAR racing. One of those bonus features is called Pit stop bonus where you are in a pit stop scenario. You have to make the relevant sections and the right ones to win the freebies in the bonus round. The other two bonus features are called as U Race bonus and the Burnout Free Games. The free games feature is equivalent to the free spins you get on other slots games. The U Race bonus feature is completely different. You have to assume the role of a mechanic and make the selections that are appropriate for a mechanic, to win the freebies on offer in that bonus round.

Other Features

Bally Technologies has also announced special land-based slot machines themed along the lines of NASCAR. These machines offer the players the same experience as a racing driver with surround speakers, NASCAR style seats, and other associated accessories. These slot machines are designed to give the players the slots experience of playing the game in a real NASCAR vehicle.

A Final Word on NASCAR Themed Slots

Ever since its inception, NASCAR has always been popular and will be in the future as well. There’s no reason why NASCAR themed slots shouldn’t follow the suit. The games are full of excitement and high-octane experiences, and offer the main feature that all slots lovers look for: a chance to win some good rewards. Even if you are not a racing fan, you will enjoy the NASCAR themed slots from Bally. They are well designed, sophisticated, and top-of-the-range slot games.

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