Morocco Slot Machine

Morocco is a country on the northern corner of Africa to the West. It’s most famous moment probably came via the city of Casablanca, which was the name of the 1942 film. The Bally slot of the same name uses many classic Moroccan images, including the ‘Fes’ (hat) and shoes with curled toes. This is a retro slot, from the early generations of 5 reel video slot gaming. It does have some notable features which include all-ways 243 winning combinations, expanding wild symbols and a free spins bonus round. I would not go as far as to call this slot ‘exotic’ as some reviewers have, though it does make a refreshing change from the standard slot themes.

The background to this game is a sand colour, which is shared between the background to the symbol and the header. This acknowledges that the famous Sahara desert partly covers Morocco. The spinning of the reels is smooth enough, with the standard Bally sound library once again put to good use. Those symbols would be considered plain by the standards of today’s graphics. Only the temple with trees in front particularly stands out, though those shoes do look a little crazy. The only animations involve flashing symbols and colored lines. In the bonus game things change up a little, with the background to the reels turning blue and some exotic sounding musical effects too.

Playing Morocco

Like all Bally slots, the number of winning lines is set (fixed) for each game. This means that you only need to choose your coin (bet) amount before you spin. This can be from 1c per line (25c), though Bally let you spin for as much as $500 too. Auto-play is always available, this will stop at the feature bonus game – otherwise your spins will be automated up to a pre-selected number.

What you will notice with Bally slots is that the payouts seem low at first sight. These are listed as multiplies of your bet size, instead of in coins as many other slots makers use. With Bally, the difference is that the bigger wins come from getting multiple wins at the same time. This is certainly the case with Morocco, where the expanding wild (the dancing woman) can cover several reels – meaning that those wins add right up.

The single biggest win comes from the basket of colorful clothes, followed by the lucky eye, Fes and shoes. Playing card symbols are in their usual role of providing smaller wins.

Temples are the bonus symbol, and also give you scatter wins (these pay out regardless of where on the reels this symbol lands). The top scatter prize for 5 temples is 25 free spins, plus 250x your credit value. 4 will net you 15 spins and 150x your credit, while 3 wins 10 free games and 100x your credits.

Bonus Games on Morocco

You’ll go to a brand new set of reels designed (in their own retro way) to be the night time version of this slot. The background to the reels turn blue; and the music takes on an eastern feel. Other than that there are no special effects or behaviours during this bonus. You’ll (quickly) spin though your free games, and watch the wins accumulate on the top left of the reels. Expanding wilds are still in play, and will give you some welcome multiple winning combinations – especially when they land on the reels towards the left hand side.

Summary of Morocco

Let’s face it -this is a dated slot which looks ugly (graphically speaking) by today’s much higher standards. The theme is a little different to most – though nothing exceptional. Only the 243 way action, combined with expanding wilds would make me want to play. With only a single free spins feature as a break from the standard game I cannot see myself staying interested for long. This game is worth a spin for the unusual theme – take a look and see if you agree with my summary.

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