Moon Goddess Slot Machine

Attractive yet simple video slots which are hugely popular in live casinos are the stock games from Bally. Moon Goddess fits that description perfectly. The design is rich and the game-play first class. There is an air of mysticism which is popular in slot gaming, and the chance of scooping big wins with expanding wilds and a free spins feature too. The shooting star which traverses the headline and the intricate jewels on the reels all add to the quality of the experience. You can now recreate that live casino experience online. Moon Goddess is available to play in your browser.

The header logo of this game is set in a night sky with the raven haired Moon Goddess herself looking upwards. Symbols spin over a multi-toned blue background and are a mix of the standard Bally playing cards along with intricate jewels and the Goddess herself. Each time you land the Goddess symbol, she will expand to fill all 3 spaces on a reel – creating ‘wild’ symbols which combine with the other symbols to create (often multiple) wins. Music is computer generated. While this is not unpleasant, it does not particularly add anything to the mystical theme. As with all Bally slot machines, the best graphics and animations are saved for the free spins bonus game.

Playing Moon Goddess

There are never any questions about how many win-lines are best to play when it comes to Bally slots. These are fixed; in this case there are 30 lines in play. You can choose how much to spin for on each line from 1c per line and up. You can also choose up to 25 automatic spins at a time if you wish. I did notice that these stop after each expanding wild and have to be restarted, which does feel like a little bit of a glitch.

Prizes are not huge for any individual symbol, the best of these (the Earth and Moon together) is worth $70 with the others below that. What you will find is that the expanding wild symbols make up for this by adding many wins for some spins. I had more than one example of reels 2 and 3 both being wild together, which brought in a big total.

These wilds are the face of the Moon Goddess, the resulting expanded wilds substitute for all of the other symbols. In this slot they also substitute for the bonus symbol, which is the full moon.

Bonus Games in Moon Goddess

If you land 3 moons, 3 Moon Goddess’ or a combination of those across the middle 3 reels, you will trigger the bonus feature. This has two distinct parts. First of all you get a fantastic graphic where the face of the Goddess covers the entire screen. After that you go to an archway where you can see the top of a giant wheel. Click the spin button to start this and it will come to a stop on its own. Segments on the wheel are divided between cash amounts (some quite generous) and free spins. If you get spins, then you go to back to the reels and the game quickly cycles through the number you won. There are no different or special behaviors during the free spins round – and you cannot retrigger in this particular game.

Summary of Moon Goddess

This is a great example of Bally’s solid game-play used in a beautifully produced slot game. The mystic theme is popular, and this game does not go over the top with it. Graphics are stunning, and the Goddess herself (along with stars) during the bonus feature really highlights this aspect of the game well. I felt that the wheel was a little slow to stop compared with some other slots, though the prizes can be generous enough to make this worth a little patience. This game is lower-intensity, and will appeal to those who like to recreate the feel of live slots on their computer.

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