Money Talks Slots Machine

Bally Technologies is a world renowned manufacturer of slot machines, and some of the devices released by the company have been widely accepted by players the world over. It has developed a variety of slot machines that are based on several different themes to cater to the needs of niche markets. Money Talks is one of Bally’s finest inventions. The company uses the ALPHA Elite V32 platform to run the game. This platform makes for excellent presentation as well as performance thanks to its incredible feature. The game is played on a massive 32 inch screen, and it comes with the manufacturer’s revolutionary U-Spin feature.

Money Talks Features

Money Talks comes with three reels and 27 paylines. This wonderful wheel video slot machine provides players with an experience second to none. Players are especially impressed with the game due to the use of the revolutionary U-Spin feature which allows them to manually spin the big wheel in efforts to win cash prizes. The manual spinning of the wheel is on a whole new level in comparison with computerized wheel spins. The advanced technology of ‘Gesture Control’ was created by Bally, and it determines the speed at which the wheel spins by taking into consideration the force applied by the user. Exerting more pressure will send the wheel spinning very fast, while the application of little force will see it spin at a slower rate.

Betting Limits and Features on Money Talks

Players can engage in the Money Talks slot game starting one cent. The maximum bet you can place in this game is $200. Denominations can be 1c, 2c, 3c, 5c, 10c, 15c, 25c, and 50c to dollars. The game is also connected to a progressive jackpot which makes it all the more interesting for players. The jackpot always resets once $5000 has been paid out to a lucky winner. In addition to the progressive jackpot, players can look forward to other impressive features such as free games, the pick bonus and the wheel bonus. Each of these features is unique and entertaining, ensuring that you’re treated to a great time at the casino.

Winning prizes in the Money Talks slot machine is not too difficult considering that there are a few tricks to enhance your chances of winning. One of the important things to remember before playing this game is that the wheel bonus is triggered once every 73 spins on average, and it usually happens in reel number three when the wheel stops and the pointer lands either side of the middle line.

Bonus Features

The bonus awards in the Money Talks slots machine include a jackpot, free games, and credit prizes. During the wheel bonus round, players can wager a maximum of around 4670 credits. If you spin the wheel and it lands on the free game slice, you will be awarded bonus free games. After this feature has been activated, players have the opportunity to win between ten and fifty free games. The maximum amount of credits you can wager in this round is 7422.

Money Talks on Mobile Platforms

The Money Talks slot machine was subject to much success on casino floors and as a result, fans of the game urged the manufacturer to come up with mobile applications so that they could enjoy their favorite game on the go. Today, Bally is one of the best gambling equipment manufacturer thanks to the important milestones it has passed over the years. The enjoyable and user-friendly games such as Money Talks can now be enjoyed by Android and IOS users from anywhere they like. If the game is downloaded from the App Store, you can use Game Center to track your achievements and lock horns with other players. Game Locator can be used to find a casino near you if you wish to take the mobile action to a live casino.

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