Midnight Diamonds Slot Machine


This Bally title has taken the classic concepts behind slot machines, and given them a modern twist. The first time you see this game you might think that it is something out of the past. There are 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols which include cherries, bells and bars. The whole thing is framed in a red city scape, complete with searchlights on top of the reels. While all of the symbols and graphics are professionally produced, there is not too much in the way of clues that there is anything special about this slot.

Once you click the spin button, you will quickly realize that this is a lot better than the retro equivalents. For a start the spin sound is a jazz bass with a drum. The animations when the reels stop is very well done, and the smooth animations of the bonus and wild symbols confirms that this game is very much up to date. You’ll find several features are included. There is an on-reel feature which results in extra wilds. There is also a break out wheel game, which can lead to either a free spins round or a cash bonus.

Playing Midnight Diamonds

There are 30 win lines, which are fixed (non-adjustable). What you can adjust freely is your coin size. The range is 1c (for 30c spins) all the way to $15 (for $450 spins). You can play automatically by pressing the icon with 2 interlocking arrows; this lets you choose up to 25 spins.

In addition to the regular paying symbols, there are wilds and bonus symbols in play.

The wild symbols are squares which say ‘wild’, these often come stacked – covering all 3 positions on a reel. When you get one of the stacks of wilds on reels 1, 3 or 5, they can trigger an on reel feature where more wilds appear randomly on the remaining reels before your wins are calculated. This can sometimes turn an ordinary spin into significant wins. The bonus symbols (animated diamonds with the word ‘bonus’ swirling around them) are on reels 1, 3 and 5 only. When you get all 3 you will go to the wheel feature.

Regular payouts are listed in terms of your total bet. The wilds, diamonds or a mix of these give you 20x that bet for 5 of a kind, and the glitzy silver 7’s give you 15x. These wins might seem on the small side, though you should keep in mind that the stacked wild symbols mean you will often get several at the same time.

Bonus Games in Midnight Diamonds

There is a break out bonus for this game which involves the popular spinning wheel format. You spin this wheel and will either hit a cash amount (these are noted as a multiplier of your starting stake for that round), or a number of free spins.

If you hit the free games, you’ll get a cash award of 5x your bet – and between 8 and 12 free spins. There are no special behaviours for the free spins game; this is simply the main game a little faster than before. You can see your wins accumulate as you play and the stacked wilds on-reel feature will remain in play. This particular free spins game cannot be retriggered during play.

Summary of the Midnight Diamonds Slot

This slot offers classic gaming without the drawbacks of playing older retro games. The animations are smooth and very professional, with the jazz sound track adding a certain feeling of class to the game. I liked the in-reel feature, which keeps things interesting while you play – though the main attraction is the break-out bonus game, which offers you up to 60x your spin amount or a shot at the free spins. My one (minor) gripe is that the wins take a little too long to count up after each spin. That aside this is a very nicely put together game and one which is bound to have its fans.

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