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There are a lot of Asian themed slots in the Bally range. Many recent titles can only be described as spectacular, including Fu Dao Le and Dragon Spin. I would add the innocuously titled Lucky Tree to this list.

Lucky Tree has a unique feature, where a tree which dominates the screen drops wilds onto the reels at random.

It also has a free spins bonus (where those wilds drop every time) and a picks game which involves toy animals. It is the production and graphics which really make this game stand out – with animations which can only be described as stunning.

The Basics: How Lucky Tree Works

For a slot with so many unique extras, the base setup is standard. There is a 5 by 3 grid for the reels, and you will play over 30 win lines. Bets are in multiples of 50c.

The symbols are very detailed, and show different Asian styled animals. These include a golden frog, a carp and a turtle. These are also two plants, bamboo and lily. The best paying symbol is a dragon. This has a huge prize for 5 of a kind, while most of the symbols have smaller prizes – relying on those multi-line hits to give you big wins. You will also find the familiar brightly colored Bally playing card symbols on the reels.

You will find yin yang symbols on the middle 3 reels. All 3 are needed to trigger the free spins bonus game. The other unique symbols are cats, or rather the models of cats which are luck symbols. These only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. Again, all 3 are needed to trigger a bonus – this time a special picks game.

Wilds Drop from the Lucky Tree

There are no wild symbols on the reels like you will find on most other real-money casino games. Instead the giant, beautifully drawn tree above the reels drop them into play. These wilds are gold coins (with the square in the middle) which are hanging from the tree at all times. What happens is that the tree shakes after some spins, and with a coin jingling sound drops 2 or more wilds onto the reels. You will sometimes get many more wilds, which can create big wins out of nowhere.

Cat Picks Game

Picks is a little bit of an understatement in describing the game triggered by 3 cats. This is like a game within a game. First you see a giant red and gold vault door. In front of this are 3 jade designed spheres. You pick one of them by tapping it, and it reveals how many picks you get for the next part of the game.

Now the vault opens, revealing a huge grid, made up of 40 or more tiles. You get to pick 8+ tiles, depending on what number your initial pick revealed. Each tile will reveal a toy animal, for example a pink pig, or a white cat. Above the grid is a pay table, based on how many of each type of animal you pick. If you manage to get 7+ of a single type, you will receive a very generous prize. The most common outcome is smaller prizes for 2+ of some animals with one mid-size prize for 4+ of another.

Lucky Tree Drops Every Spin for the Free Spins Bonus

3 of the yin yang symbols trigger 10 free spins. Bonus reels are in play for these, though the difference to the base game is key. Here the tree will drop extra wilds after every spin. This can really add up to some big wins with the right combination of symbols. You can retrigger for 10 more spins with 3 (differently designed) yin yang symbols on the reels.

Amazing Design

The tree is the centerpiece for the design of this slot – and is looks amazing. The attention to detail and glittering gold coins, set on a large screen will be hard to miss on the casino floor. There are plenty of spectacular effects too. Colored blossoms flying across the screen for the cat picks bonus, coins dropping on to the reels and the smaller animations in the symbols themselves are all beautifully produced.

As you might expect, the game is accompanied by an upbeat traditional Chinese type tune.

Could the Lucky Tree Slot Bear Fruit for You?

I have no hesitation at all in recommending this game. Even if you do not usually choose the Asian titles, the game play and production is worth a look on its own. The potential for big wins any time the tree drops coins keeps things engaging. The cat bonus and free spins bonus game both have big win potential – though overall it is the design and animation work which makes this slot worth playing.

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