Lightning Jackpots Slot Machine

Bonus features are the main reasons why slot games have become so popular around the world. If an electrifying slot machine is what you’re looking for, then Lightning Jackpots is certain to give you gooseflesh thanks to the features that are nothing like what you would have experienced in the past. It’s not just a slot game, but more like a combination of many small games and is sure to interest players time and again. There are two bonus features in the game, and both are extremely unique. The Lightning Tower feature is one where players can expect many interesting games within the slot, while the second – Plasma Wild – is a bonus feature that is sure to make you keep hitting those reels in frenzy.

The biggest jackpot in this game is the Maximum Lightning, which is part of five progressive jackpots that are sure to keep your energy levels at the highest throughout the feature. The entertainment is electrifying, and if Fireball is one of your favorites, you are in for a zapping time with Lightning Jackpots. This slots game comes with 15 reels and 40 paylines, offering you several chances of multiplying your winnings. 2000 credits is the highest best that you can place on the game.

Lightning Tower Bonus Feature

The Lightning Tower bonus feature comes with an unbelievable 15 game-in-game format that keeps the fun going. These small games offer fantastic opportunities to bag impressive winnings. At the top of the screen is a Lightning Ladder which sparkles with solo pop up reels, making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Although there are 15 unique games within this feature, one thing that is common between them all is the level of endless fun!


Plasma Wild Bonus Round

This bonus game can be triggered when you collect more than four Plasma icons on your reels. The Plasma Wild bonus round is filled with unimaginable surprises. Plasma icons reward you with Wilds. Almost five wild symbols can be won on each spin. Every Plasma icon presents you with an opportunity to enhance your winnings, and with it, your experience.

Progressive Action

Lightning Jackpots is a slot game which is a five-level progressive, offering you a great chance to win big money. Almost 10,000 credits can be won when playing the Maximum Lightning Jackpots. What’s more? You can invite your friends and challenge them to try and get one better over your total score. With so much fun at the reels, and an irresistible chance to claim five progressive jackpots makes Lightning Jackpots one of the most attractive slot games ever.

Bally Tech Game Center

Game Center is an application that ups the fun and makes slots games more engaging. Players can use the exciting application to record their achievements and climb up the leaderboard. Players can also compete with friends as they proceed in unlocking the various levels of the game.

Game Locator

If you’re proficient with the mobile version of the Lightning Jackpots slots game and feel like taking the action to the casinos, you can use “Game Locator” and find yourself at a nearby casino where you can play Lightning Jackpots for as long as you like.

The overall experience of Lightning Jackpots is totally new and unique. The graphics, sound effects and clever incorporation of several different features has made it one of the most loved and enjoyed games out there. You will not be eligible for cash prizes when playing the game on mobile applications, but you sure can win a good amount of money and exciting prizes by finding the game at a casino near you.

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