Jewel of the Dragon Slot Machine

There is a friendly looking green dragon that dominates the top part of the screen of this Bally slot. This game uses ‘hot zones’, which are Tetris-like pieces that float over the reels, turning symbols wild when they happen to land over the symbols. If this system has an air of familiarity then it should – the concept was made popular in Bally’s ‘Sumo Kitty’ slot. While Jewel of the Dragon uses the same system, there is an extra feature in place on top. If you get 3 jewelled symbols (these are playing cards, which have an extra jewel attached), then you get a mini-bonus where you choose an extra hot-zone.

Jewel of the Dragon is a visual step up from most Bally Slots. The dragon almost looks luminous, and there are a lot of rich blues and purples to contrast with its green scales. Behind the reels is a huge pile of treasure, which you’ll hope to get a portion of during the locked-wilds free spins feature. The symbols are mostly playing cards (with or without gems). You will also find bells, crowns and what looks like shield / logo symbols. There are minor animations on the reels, for example glowing and small movements for the dragon bonus symbols. Keep in mind that the visual setup of this game means that the reels are smaller than normal, precluding anything too detailed.

Playing Jewel of the Dragon

Getting started is very simple, the 40 win lines are fixed in place – so it is just a matter of choosing the size of your coin for each line and clicking the spin button. You can get from just 1c per line (40c per spin) up to an amazing $500 per spin. You can also let the game do the hard work for you – by selecting up to 25 plays on auto-spin.

Prizes for lining up the symbols in normal play follow the Bally standard of being on the small size. You’ll win just $5 for 5 wild symbols in a row, and $3.75c for 5 of the crowns. What you are counting on with this slot is to make multiple winning opportunities at once. I found $20+ wins common, especially with the help of the hot-zones.

The Tetris-like pieces that fly over the reels can be frustrating at times. Just when you think that you are about to land a big block of translucent pink colour which turns everything it lands on wild, it misses! When a hot zone does hit it can turn between 1 and 12 of the symbols into wilds. This is where the big wins come in – especially those times you get bigger blocks towards the left hand side.

Bonus Games in Jewel of the Dragon

There are two bonus games. The first is triggered by hitting 3 symbols with jewels on them. This causes a box to appear over the reels with 3 gems in it. Your job is to choose one of the 3, which will reveal one of the Tetris-like pieces. This then falls onto the reels, often giving you several winning combinations.

The second bonus game is for 8 free spins, this starts when you hit 3 of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. You go to a ‘new’ screen (the same one with different colored design in the background) and a counter appears for your free spins and total wins at the top of the screen. The special thing about this bonus game is that any wilds you get due to the ‘hot zones’ are locked into place for the duration of the bonus. Sometimes you will hit some of these early, giving you an extremely profitable bonus game.

Summary of Jewel of the Dragon

If you come up with a great idea, then why not use it! Bally has a unique concept with the ‘hot zones’ which has already proven popular in other slots. Jewel in the Dragon might lack a little of the humour of Sumo Kitty, though it does make up for it with the extra ‘pick-em’ type bonus game. The free spins with locking wilds is where the main action is in this game. I recommend this one; take it for a spin soon!

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