Hot Spin Slot Machine

If you’ve enjoyed the Cash Spin slot machine developed and manufactured by Bally Technologies, particularly the feature of Bonus Wheel, yet feel like upping the stakes in hopes of bagging bigger wins, then the Hot Spin slot machine is exactly what you’re looking for. Hot Spin is a mobile application that allows you to touch and choose any of the six symbols to ascertain the pays and average frequency of the magnificent Bonus Wheel. All you have to do is drag the Wheel forwards, backwards, fast, or slow using manual effort. The cool new interactive interface not only enhances your experience, but also provides you with opportunities to win big. Moreover, the presence of a Super Jackpot and stunning Free Games are sure to leave you with a rollicking time.

Cash Spin

Cash Spin is one of the ingenious creations of the developers at Bally. It perfectly blends the traditional fun associated with a three-reel slot game with the contemporary video slots along with the award-winning technology, U-Spin. The game comes with two entertaining bonus features. Players must get three icons of the Cash Bag on any of their active paylines to activate the Cash Bag bonus. Here, you will be given three options and you’re expected to choose one of them to win credits instantly. Cash Spin comes with 25 paylines and the maximum amount you can bet is 200 credits. The minimum betting denomination is one cent.

The other top level bonus can be activated by gathering U-Spin symbols on reel number three on any payline. The game is then directed and played on the top half of the machine which is the overhead display. The Cash Wheel can be spun to win credits instantly. You could also win one of two progressive jackpots or free spins when playing this bonus game. The wheel can be spun by merely pressing the ‘Spin’ feature located on the dashboard, or by manually spinning the wheel which appears on the overhead screen. Thanks to cutting edge technology, the display is sensitive and records the pressure applied to the wheel, thus accurately spinning it based on the force exerted. Players can spin the wheel as hard or soft, slow or fast as they like.

Cash Spin is a great game for rookies as well as expert players. People who are new to slots gaming will especially love this game as they do not have to break bank or even place the maximum bet amounts to win jackpots. Betting 40 credits is more than enough to have loads of fun with the Cash Spin slot machine


The U-Spin wheel

The excitement begins even before the wheel is spun. You will have to choose one of the six symbols on the reels to activate the U-Spin wheel. Icons can be chosen based on your gameplay – a higher frequency of the Bonus Wheel or bigger average pays. If you land three of the chosen icons on the paylines, you will be in line for dynamic wins.

Free Games

You can win up to 10 free games by spinning the U-Spin wheel. A single bet can help you claim 10 free games and presents you with a chance to increase your winnings tenfold.

Game Center and Game Locator

The Hot Spin slots game is connected with Game Center, allowing players to have the opportunity to win special rewards. It makes gameplay more interactive and enables you to engage in the game with your friends. Game Locator allows you to find a land-based casino nearest to your home and indulge in a wonderful and rewarding time.

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