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There are plenty of Asian themed slots available, though when you see the Fu Dao Le slot machine you will see why this is an award-winning game. There is nothing hugely unusual about the game-play – this Bally / SG game is all about the production. Housed in a huge cabinet, and featuring state of the art graphics and animations, Fu Dao Le can be called a next-generation video slot.

You’ll have jackpots, stacked symbols and a free spins feature game with covered reels to enjoy.

Fu Dao Le

Setup of Fu Dao Le

Unusually, this game works on credits which are multiples of 2c, rather than sticking to the usual 1c per credit system. This is simple enough as long as you remember! Each spin covers 50 win lines, and bets are made in multiples of the lucky 88. You’ll play on the usual 5 reel by 3 rows of symbols setup. The symbols are stacked, coming in long rows on the reels. This is not over-done, you’ll sometimes see several reels covered in the same symbols – though more usually there is a mix of individual symbol and stacks.

The ‘Fu babies’ is the best paying symbol, this shows 2 babies with traditional make up and clothing either side of a big red lantern. You’ll find several other standard symbols from Asian slots on the reels. These include the obligatory golden carp, mandatory gold ingot and the familiar red lanterns! There are also playing card symbols. Sometimes these can detract from a theme. Though the intensity of this game does benefit from having a few plainer symbols on the reels.

Wilds are in play, and will often come stacked. These are gold and red diamond shapes, with Chinese writing on them. As usual they will substitute for any of the regular symbols, though not the gong bonus ones.

Those gongs trigger the free spins bonus, and pay a scatter prize. You’ll hear a sound effect and see them shake when you hit 3 of a kind. Before you hit these, you will see a giant version of the 2 babies and lantern symbol appear in front of the reels, with the message ‘good fortune is on its way’ across the top of them.

Progressive Jackpot Game

On any spin, you can get 2 red envelopes on reels 1 and 5. These come tucked behind any of the regular symbols (you’ll see a smaller version of the symbol at the same time). This will trigger the jackpot picks game.

You see a spectacular fireworks graphic, and then get to pick from 20 or so gold coins which float in front of the screen. The game will be familiar to fans of Bally slots. Each coin you pick will have the name of a jackpot on it, ranging from mini to grand. When you hit 3 of a kind, that is the jackpot that you win.

Free Spins Bonus Game with Covered Reels on Fu Dao Le

The free spins game looks ordinary enough at first, though it contains some nice extra touches. You get 10 free spins, though these can be added to. New symbols appear on the 5th reel, which say +1 spin. You can get up to 3 of these at a time. Your total spins and remaining spins are displayed on big lanterns on the upper part of the screen.

You will also see that reels are often shielded by elaborate gold designs. The symbols will stop, though you will not be able to see one or more reels at first. When they are revealed, they are all the same (random) symbol. This can help you to cover a lot of the reels in the same symbol – especially with the help of some wilds.

Those wilds can have some extra power during the bonus game. Occasionally, the middle reel will get stacked wilds with 2x wild or 3x wild written on them. If you get these in combination with some good coverage – a big win could come your way.

Sometimes, the Fu babies will make an appearance during the bonus feature. When this happens, they will bring you a big win – often involving several stacked reels + wilds.

Stunning Visuals

Even though many of the ideas in this slot are familiar, the way they have been put together is better than just about any Asian slot I have seen. When you hit a big win, you will see a traditional firecracker chain over the screen, exploding with very effective sparks. The babies might not be to everyone’s taste, though nobody would argue that their pictures and animations are not beautifully produced.

There is traditional Chinese music set to a rhythmic beat playing while you spin. Small touches like using traditional coins for the ‘coin fountain’ winning graphics are also noted.

Is Fu Dao Le the Best Asian Themed Slot?

For me, this game is tied with Dragon Spin as my favorite Asian themed game in recent years. While Dragon Spin has the variation in features, Fu Dao Le is more of a traditional slot – just produced way better than any of its rivals. If the quality of the graphics is not enough alone, there is plenty more going for this game. Features include progressive jackpots, multiplying wilds, stacked symbols and the chance of some ‘good fortune’ coming your way for every spin.

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