Friends Slot Machine

This new slot was unveiled in Vegas at the end of 2014, and is now available at live casinos throughout the US. It is based on the iconic TV show, and includes the characters and themes associated with this. Friends slot machine uses an impressive cabinet with a large curved screen, as well as a big top screen which covers two slots and is used for the clips. The setup is a 5 reel, 4 row video slot, though there is plenty of bonus action which is triggered by spinning a wheel. This slot also includes a progressive jackpot which is linked between casinos.

Reels spin over a plain black background – there are plenty enough visual effects elsewhere to need anything more behind the reels. Symbols include a coffee cup (Central Perk), guitar, picture frame and many combinations of the main characters from the show. You’ll also find a goose (thanksgiving reference) and bonus wheel logos on the middle 3 reels. The iconic theme tune will play while you spin, and those video clips will come up tied in with certain big wins and bonus rounds. I was surprised how many of the clips were familiar – even though it is already 10 years after the last episode.

The best animations are saved for the bonus round. The spinning wheel which decides which bonus you get is comes with a famous image of the characters looking from behind a door. There are several bonus games (these are based on free spins), each with a unique twist.

Playing the Friends Slot

Like all Bally slots, the number of win-lines is fixed in place. You only need to decide whether to bet the max 300 coins per spin to get to be part of the progressive jackpot – or to stick to the smaller amounts and play from 50c per spin.

Symbols are stacked on the reels for this game, which means that the prizes will come in big groups – rather than there being a single huge prize for lining up 5 of certain symbols. In the bonus games this will often be a full screen of the same symbol, giving you all possible winning combinations at the same time.

What you want to see on the reels is the wheel bonus symbol covering all of the spots on the middle 3 reels. This takes you to the giant wheel, which you will spin to select your bonus.

Bonus Games on the Friends Slot

The wheel section has a mixture of bonus games and cash amounts. Some of the cash amounts were reasonably generous, though for me the bonuses are always preferable. These are themed on episodes or famous scenes, and you’ll get a video clip before you start whichever game you won.

Examples include the Party Bonus. This is 11 free spins with a ‘walking wild’. This involves entire wild reels, which join up into a block of 2 on the left, and then progress one reel at a time towards the right as your bonus continues. Once they hit the 5th reel, they turn right around and go back again. In combination with a lot of stacked symbols, this will often result in some big wins.

Another bonus is based on thanksgiving. Here you will get a clip, followed by a free spins round where all the wins are tripled. Again there are a lot of stacked symbols, you may well get multiple spins with the entire screen covered in the same symbol (which does result in big wins).

Summary for Friends Slot

This game is sure to be a big hit with fans of the TV series. Instead of just a generically branded slot, a lot of work has gone into getting the humour and characters from the show to work in a slot setting. Those short scenes will make you laugh as you play, and the themed bonus games will hopefully line your pockets as you remember the shows they are based on. If you enjoyed the TV series, make sure you seek out this slot next time you visit a live casino.

About Friends

It is now more than 10 years since the finale of the Friends TV show, which was watched by more than 50 million Americans and many more people around the world. Starting in 2004, this sitcom followed the lives of a group of neighbours in Manhattan as their friendships and relationships developed. Several of the cast went on to have successful careers after the show ended, most notably Jennifer Aniston.

Cast and Characters

The key characters in the show were Rachel Green, Monika Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller. Here is a summary of their characteristics and the actors that played them.

Rachel Green was played by Jennifer Aniston, a fashion enthusiast. Rachel and Monica were childhood friends, and Rachel also gets involved in an on-off relationship with Ross Geller, with who she has a child.

Monica Geller was played by Courtney Cox and is the matriarch of the group. Monica is also a chef. The finale of season seven featured the marriage of Monica and Chandler Bing.

Phoebe Buffay was played by Lisa Kudrow and is a masseuse and musician. Quirky songs and a back story involving her mother’s suicide saw Phoebe add a distinctive personality to the mix.

Joey Tribbiana is played by Matt LeBlanc. This character is an actor who makes it in a soap opera is and is known for his womanizing ways. He briefly dated with Rachel in season ten.

Chandler Bing is played by Matthew Perry and in contrast with the other characters is an executive in a multinational corporation. Mixing a sarcastic sense of humour and bad luck in relationships, Chandler eventually marries Monica in season seven.

Ross Geller is played by David Schwimmer and is the socially awkward older brother of Monica. Ross’ divorces become a point of humour in the show.

The impact of Friends has been huge; they have won positive reviews throughout the 10 series and multiple awards on top. These included an Emmy and a spot on the TV guides 50 greatest TV shows of all time (number 21).

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