Duck Dynasty Slot Machine

It is a sign of how much the world has changed that one of the biggest releases for Bally slots in 2014 is based on a reality TV show about Hillbillies! Duck Dynasty has captured the imagination thanks to the characters behind the hunting supply store. There is plenty of material for a great slot, with bonus rounds and symbols based on episodes of the show and video clips to enjoy while you play. If you enjoyed watching Jason, Phil, Si, Jase and Willy – then this slot is definitely a must-play next time you visit a live casino.

Curved screens are relatively new to the slot world, and the large convex screen which Bally use for this slot enables both the reels and the clips / extras to easily share the same cabinet.  For each pair of games, there is a large top-screen which can show the videos too. On the reels you will find a wide range of symbols, including all of the main characters. There are also ducks, fish and deer. Many times, the symbols will come stacked (in lines of 4 covering every spot on a reel), this gives you the opportunity to line up multiple wins at the same time – especially when there are wild symbols included. The stomping country style music from the show also crosses over to the slot, giving you that feel-good feeling while you play. Animations move to the next level when you hit the bonus rounds. These are interactive, and involve things like shooting arrows or choosing a duck-call. There is a giant spinning wheel which you’ll use to randomly select your bonus each time one is triggered.

Playing Duck Dynasty Slots Machine

The default is for 50 win-lines on this game, and in line with all Bally slots this can’t be changed. There does not appear to be a progressive jackpot for this game, which means you are free to spin for any amount you wish from 1c per line and up.

Individual wins are small in this game. What you will find is that the combination of 50 win-lines, stacked symbols and wilds mean you get a lot of small wins – followed by the occasional bigger in where you hit 10 or even more winning combinations at the same time. The characters from the TV show will pay you the biggest prizes, with the animals taking the place of the traditional playing card symbols in providing those smaller wins.

There are wheel bonus symbols on the middle 3 reels. If you manage to hit all 3 on a single spin (wilds do not substitute for those), then the screen will change to a giant wheel which randomly selects your bonus.

Bonus Games on Duck Dynasty

There are several bonus games to choose from, each comes with a video clip featuring a memorable scene from the show. The duck-call bonus is an obvious choice of theme, though your interaction in it is fairly limited. You’ll see a screen with 3 different duck calls and choose one by touching the screen. You then go to another screen where you will blow your call, and get money depending on how many ducks land in your pond. These can come with a multiplier, giving you the potential for some decent money.

Another bonus round is based in the supplies warehouse; here you will have to try and beat Johnny shooting an arrow at a target. He goes first, and you have to try and beat him. This looks like it might be a skill game, though it is not – you simply swipe to shoot your arrow.

There are several more bonus games in this slot just waiting to be discovered.

Summary of Duck Dynasty

This game does manage to bring out the humour and warmth of the characters from the show. I am really not sure if anyone who is not a fan of the reality TV series will really understand the game or the bonus rounds at all – it is unlikely to be able to stand alone. If you are a fan, then this should be an entertaining slot session, make sure you check out Bally’s Duck Dynasty for yourself soon!

About Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is a reality TV show based on the Robinson Family from Louisiana. This family created and run a duck hunting supplies business, and became successful by creating a ‘call’ (used to mimic ducks) called Duck Commander. The show is as much about the interplay and relationships between the main characters than the business itself.

This show first aired on the A&E cable channel in the 21st March 2012. Since then it has broken several records for cable TV reality shows, with more than 11 million viewers in the latest series. The show has also won awards including a ‘Telly’ award.

Main Cast

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the family and the one who created the Duck Commander call. It says a lot about him that he gave up a potential professional Football career as the schedule would clash with the Duck Hunting season. Phil likes to refer to himself as a ‘low tech man in a high tech world’.

Si Robertson is Phil’s brother and the storyteller of the family. Si is a Vietnam veteran and makes the reeds which are the key component of the Duck Commander product.

Willie Robertson is the CEO of the Duck Commander company, and Phil and Kay’s son. It is Willie who has been behind the growth of the business from a family-run endeavour into a larger enterprise. Willies voice can be heard narrating the show.

Jase Robertson, another son of Phil and Kay, Jase runs manufacturing at the company and has a role in fine-tuning the duck calls.

Duck Dynasty Controversy

Phil expressed what have been called anti-gay remarks in an interview with GQ in 2015. This led to a temporary suspension from the show. Fan requests quickly saw that reversed and the show is still going strong at the time of writing.

In 2015, Phil was once again in the hot seat when he gave a speech at a religous meeting voicing his anti-atheist opinon.

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