Cupid and Psyche Slot Machine

I was not aware of the tale of Cupid and Psyche prior to playing this slot. Cupid might be a popular enough concept, though Psyche has not really made it through the centuries. Turned out Psyche is the soul, and Cupid the love or desire – and both originally featured in a Roman myth. Fast forward a couple of thousand years, and they are now on a Bally slot. This is a live casino game which has become available online. It has some stacked wilds, a game where you collect targets within the free spins feature and the potential for multiple simultaneous payouts too.

The look of this slot is a little dated; it is smart enough, just nothing to stand out graphics-wise. Reels take up most of the screen, so there is only the logo (complete with roses) outside of this. Symbols include a golden harp, cupid, target (this is the bonus symbol), logos and many playing card symbols. There is not too much in the way of animations, the occasional flashing symbol, and lines showing the wins are about all you can expect.

Playing Cupid and Psyche

You’ll find 40 win-lines are in play over the 5 reels and 4 lines of symbols – this number cannot be changed. Your bet size can certainly be changed, and ranges from 1c per line though to a huge $10 per line (40c through to $400 per spin). If you prefer auto-play, this is available in increments of 5 spins up to 25 at a time.

What you need to keep in mind when it comes to the prizes is that Bally slots often give you multiple wins on a single spin. This is certainly the case with Cupid and Psyche, as the top symbol (Psyche) is stacked on the reels. 5 of these will get you 25x your total bet amount, with 5x for 5 and 1.5x for just 3. The Cupid and Psyche logo is the next highest paying symbol, worth 12.5x your total spin cost.

The target (bulls eye) symbol triggers the free spins game. This also has a ‘scatter’ pay-out – regardless of where it lands on the reels. This is up to 25x your total stake for 5, with 10x for 4 and 3x for just 3. In addition to this 3+ gets you 12 free spins.

Bonus Game for Cupid and Psyche

While the graphics do not change significantly, there is a brand new game within the reels when you trigger the free spins. Red colored targets appear as you play. In addition to counting as a wild symbol, these add up in groups of 4. Each time you hit 4 targets, an entire reel becomes wild. This starts off as the right hand reel, and moves over. If you can get to 16 targets before your final spins- then it is possible to end up with 4 of the 5 reels completely wild. This would guarantee 5 of a kind wins from those final spins.

12 spins is a nice balance here between giving you some action and not making the game too long. I certainly prefer this to those Bally slots which offer 5 spin bonus games – though to be fair these will often have locking wilds to go along with the spins.

Summary for Cupid and Psyche

Bally did not make the most of the original desire vs. soul battle with this slot. Really, they just put them both on the reels and left out the battle part altogether. This is an older game, feeling like it came from the first generation of video slots. Like all Bally titles, you cannot argue with the playability and smoothness of the main game. The bonus game is good, with those wild reels giving you the potential for some very large payouts by the time you get to the final spins.

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