Code Red Slots Machine

The Code Red slots machines in one of the most popular games developed by Bally. Players from all over the world have become fans of the game owing to the unique characteristics that make it such a fine entertainment option for gamblers of all kinds. The slot machine bears a unique style and is themed around the traditional slot machine. Due to this, a large number of long-time slots lovers and players seem to keep coming back for more of the action offered by this revolutionary game. Moreover, the game has also experienced the incorporation of a variety of new technologies into the slot machine, making it the first every game developed by Bally to feature the state-of-the-art gambling platforms that operate on the ALPHA 2 Pro Series Curve cabinet.

Over the years, Bally has established a fine name for itself in the gambling sector. The firm designs, produces, operates, manufactures as well as supplies a number of the most popular and advanced gaming devices, systems and technologies, making it one of the best gambling products manufacturers in the world. Bally Technologies started in 1932 and its headquarters are located in the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas, Nevada. Owing to the quality of products developed over the years, Bally has received multiple awards and recognitions for its products and achievements.

Features of Code Red

Considering the high standards set by Bally, the company strives to meet the expectations of fans across the world. Code Red is yet another fantastic creation that is very much in keeping with the high standards of the company as well as the great expectations of the company’s fans. As a matter of fact, the success enjoyed by Code Red slots was epitomized at the Attendee’s Choice and Gold Award Prize ceremonies where this lot game claimed both honors, signaling that Bally does, indeed, produce some of the best slot machines you can find out there.

Code Red slots can be enjoyed on the manufacturers new advanced cabinet which comes with a 22-inch LCD screen. Mechanical reels and video reels appear highly similar owing to this magnificent technology, thus successfully bringing to life a fine blend of traditional and modern slot machines. The advanced cabinet also enables you to select your own personal configuration when it comes to the theme of the game – something that is not common in other slot games. Moreover, you can also engage in 3-5 slot games within the original Code Red slot machine.

Impressive & Innovative Design

The Code Red slot games come with the advanced U-Spin technology which essentially takes gambling to a new level. The technology has been a recipient of several awards over the years thanks to its ingenuity which enables players to exercise complete control over the large wheel. Unlike older slot machines where the wheel would be spun when you hit the ‘Spin’ option on your dashboard, the Code Red wheel can be spun manually. You just have to touch the large LCD screen and make a rotating motion so as to make the wheel spin. The speed at which the wheel rotates will depend entirely on the amount of force exerted by the player.

A technology called Gesture Control has also been incorporated into the game. It records your movements and actions to determine how the wheel spins. Another innovative feature called i-Deck is also present in the game. It works on an LCD screen and acts as a button pad and works in a similar fashion to physical buttons. The i-Deck feature provides you with a unique and completely enjoyable gambling experience. This latest technology makes gaming not only more interactive, but also much easier for players as it recognizes around 20 distinctive touch locations. A 3D video card is used along with a Multi-core Intel processor on the ALPHA 2 cabinet. This makes the graphics on the reels life-like owing to the high definition display.

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