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For a 3-reel slot, there is a lot going on with Double Jackpot Black and White from Bally. While most of the symbols are either black or white – you’ll immediately notice the bright red design of the quick-hit logos. These add an extra element to the game play, paying out based on the total in view, with an impressive progressive jackpot for 9. There is also a bonus game, which can add a multiplier to your line wins. This game mimics the older 3-reel mechanical slots, though is a fully video slot game.

How the Double Jackpot Black and White Slot Works

This is a 5-reel slot, with the usual 3 rows going from the left and the 2 diagonals both in play. As with many 3 reel games, playing that last coin (5th coin in this case) is certainly worthwhile. This gives you access to the single biggest prize, which is 10,000 coins for 3 of the Double Jackpot logo symbols on the 5th reel. You can play this game for fewer than 5 coins, though keep in mind that the last coin increases the overall returns.

In addition to the logo symbols, there are red, white and black 7’s on the reels. These pay individually, as well as for a mix. Red 7’s pay 200 coins for 3, black 100 and white 40. If you hit 3 mixed on a win-line, that will trigger a 20-coin prize. Bars also come in 3 types. These are single bar symbols, one plain, one with a logo on it and the other with the number 5 for the lowest payout.

Quick Hit Symbols

Quick Hit symbols are a popular way of adding jackpot payouts in Bally / SG slots. These have their own range of games these days too. Here you will see jackpot amounts accumulating above the reels. For 3 or 4 quick hits anywhere in view, you get a small fixed prize. If you are lucky enough to hit 5 or more, then you start on the ladder of progressive jackpot prizes.

In the example I used for this review, the top prize (for the full 9 quick hit symbols) was almost $80k!

Bonus Pick Game

Unusually for a 3-reel slot, there is a second screen bonus game. Some of the regular symbols have the word bonus written on them in red. If you hit 3 of these on a win-line, then you’ll go to a screen with 5 question mark symbols on it. Your only task here is to pick one of them. This will reveal a multiplier, between 5x and 20x, which is then applied to your win. If you hit a good win – and then get a 20x multiplier, this could turn an otherwise ordinary spin into a big payout.

Iconic Double Jackpot Black and White Design

You might expect from the name that the theme of this slot is strictly black and white. When you see the Double Jackpot slot game – it is the red which is the standout color. The key is the contrast. With a black and white cabinet, the red catches your eye. While you are playing, red will only bring you good news – often in the form of several of the quick-hit logos! The highest paying 7’s are also bright red, as is the writing for the bonus trigger symbols.

The overall impression of the Black and White slots is that things are crowded. Having 6 different jackpots for the quick-hit symbols sat above the reels does cramp things a little. Bally has made a significant effort to recreate the feel of playing on an original mechanical slot with this game. This includes a lot of detail in the way the reels stop, the sound effects and visual touches like the clicking sounds too.

Your wins, coins bet and total balance remaining are displayed using red LEDs below the reels – another nice retro touch.

Is Playing Double Jackpot Black and White a Clear-Cut Decision?

Anyone that enjoys the retro type slots should check out the slot machine Double Jackpot Black and White from Bally. Combining all of the features which make 3-reel slot gaming great with some extra features to keep you entertained is hard to pull off. Bally has done a great job here, with big line wins, quick-hit jackpots and a multiplier feature all in the same game. Remember to play that 5th coin to get access to the biggest line prize!

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