Free Big Vegas Slot Game

This Bally slot reminded me a lot of their famous Quick Hit series. The ‘scatter’ symbols from that game are not involved in this one – it is more the similarity in the graphics. In fact the on-reel behaviour (a wild which spins and gives more wilds in the direction the arrow stops) is in common with a different slot –  Havana Cubana. Big Vegas is bright, fast and entertaining to play. It also has a short free spins bonus round which can involve having a lot of the reels covered in wilds!

There are no prizes for guessing the type of symbols you will find on the 5 reel, 4 rows setup. We are talking all of the clichés including card (a royal flush if you look closely), a slot machine, casino chips and dice. There is also a cocktail, and a key to the high-roller suites. The reels are big, meaning that there is little room for a design around them – just the hint of dice and the famous ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. There are more interesting animations for the bonus feature, which has an introduction sequence which involves entering a neon casino door. Sounds are mostly the standard Bally library, though there is a swinging jazz track playing during the free spins feature.

Playing Big Vegas

There are 40 win lines crossing the reels of Big Vegas. These are non-adjustable, so the only real decision you need to make before you play is how much to bet on each spin. The range is 40c (1c per line) all the way to $400 ($10 per line).

Players often report feeling confused by the pay-table on Bally slots, since the payouts seem very small in comparison with games from other slot makers. While this is true (the biggest single win is for 7.5x your stake), wins come from multiple lines at once in Bally slots. Instead of one big win, you can trigger 10 or even more smaller wins at the same time. This can and does result in some very big prizes – especially when you are lucky enough to cover a lot of the reels in wild symbols.

In addition to the regular symbols, there are two different types of wild symbol which will appear on the reels. These substitute for everything except the free games lounge symbols to make up wins. Regular wilds just land on the reels as you spin. Directional wilds are set over a roulette wheel with a green arrow that spins quickly after it lands. Whichever direction this points in, the spaces on the reels in that direction are filled with wilds. This can be in any direction, including diagonals. If the spinner points at a wall, then there are no additional wilds (only the wheel itself counting).

The final symbol is the free games lounge logo. This only appears on the middle 3 reels. When you get all 3, you trigger the 5 free games bonus.

Bonus Game for Big Vegas

There are two impressive things about this bonus game. First of all the opening graphic is a cut above the smart though unexceptional graphics of the main game. Second, the wilds in this bonus are sticky. After a spin, the directional wild symbol will usually send some wilds onto the reels. These then lock, staying in place for the remaining spins. If you are lucky enough to get 4 or 5 of these for the first spin, and add some more on the next spins – this can be a very good bonus round indeed. 5 spins does feel on the low side, however having all those wilds for the last couple of spins does make up for this.

Summary of Big Vegas

This game started out as a live slot, and it does feel very much like one of the cross-over games when you play it online. This is a positive in many ways (that great Bally game-play), though there is a lack of features compared with many online-only games. The directional wilds (especially when sticky) do make a difference, taking this from being a plain slot to a very enjoyable one.

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