Betty Boop Slots Machine

One of the most popular cartoon characters from the twentieth century, Betty Boop, has been brought back to life by Bally Technologies in the form of slot machines. Yes, there are two slot games based on the cheerful animated personage – Love Meter and Fortune Teller. The common features in both games are clearly evident as soon as the games begin. You can immediately notice the amount of attention given to each and every detail. Bally’s developers have managed to successfully incorporate neat and precise graphics, while staying in concurrence with the game’s theme. The gameplay is fairly simple, but a character such as Betty, which has existed for up to a hundred years has been modified to include some catchy modern aspects.

Love Meter

Love Meter is a 40 paylines, five-reel slot machine which boasts of a 45.55 per cent hit rate, and is regarded amongst the most loved and played slots games in history. You can buy one credit for a cent. One coin or one cent is the minimum amount you can wager on this game, and the maximum is 300 credits or coins, making it a great game for players who just want to relive some of their childhood memories and do not intend on spending a fortune at the casino. Love Meter has three progressive features and each of them is accompanied by several different bonus features that present you with fine rewards each time you hit a winning combination. If you get extremely lucky, you could win a million dollars!

Fortune Teller

Love Meter had been released long before Fortune Teller, but the success of the former kept fans excited for the launch of the latter as Bally used the unique, innovative u-Spin technology to take slots gaming to the next level. Fortune Teller comes with six distinctive bonus rounds in addition to the progressive jackpots. The characteristics of the game in general are a lot like those of Love Meter.

Betty Boop Bonus Features

One of the most notable aspects of the Betty Boop slot games is i-Deck – a feature which has magnificently integrated touch screen for players to enrich the experience of players. The interface has seen the addition of an increased number of betting buttons so that players have more options. Here are the Betty Boop bonus features:

Love Meter – Most Betty Boop slots players consider the Love Meter as a favorite. The game has some truly wonderful bonuses such as Free Games, How Hot Are You?, Betty’s Purse, Betty’s Heart, and Light Up Betty’s Life.

Free Games – When playing the Free Games feature, you have the possibility to claim up to 15 free games. The free games which you can win may include one, five, 10, or 15 free spins. The multipliers allow players to enhance their winnings significantly.

How Hot are You? – This round will tell you if you’re lovable, mischievous, romantic, wild, passionate, burning, or smokin’. Players stand a chance of winning a good number of credits when playing this bonus feature. The million dollar reward can also be won when engaging in this feature. Moreover, the entertaining graphics make for a fun time at the casino.

Betty’s Purse – Betty’s Purse awards players with an instant bonus upon selecting a purse from a choice of three on their screen.

Betty’s Heart – This round displays three lockers on the screen, You are required to select one of them, and in case you get lucky, the extraordinary Betty’s Heart might just be yours to unlock. You will be awarded with casino credits on each and every pick .

Light Up Betty’s Life – This bonus feature literally requires you to light up Betty’s life. There will be a Unit Light Bulbs matrix with six options. Each time you turn a bulb on, the Amp Meter slides towards the red zone. As this happens, you will receive credits that add to your winnings.

Slots enthusiasts and Betty Boop fans can now enjoy their favorite cartoon character on their mobile devices as this game is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. The mobile edition, however, does not have an option to wager real money. The game is also tied to Game Center, offering players the opportunity to engage with a larger community. Moreover, Game Locater – a feature which provides locations of land-based casinos in your vicinity can also be used if you’re interested in trying your luck at real money wagering.

About Betty Boop

Max Fleischer’s creation Betty Boop was a product of many creative animators which included the likes of Grim Natwick. The character appeared in a film series called Talkartoon and Betty Boop with Fleischer Studios as the production house and Paramount Pictures as the distributors. Betty Boop has made appearances in mass merchandising and comic strips. Although there was a slight reduction in popularity during the mid-1930s, the character later went on to become huge and one of the most popular animated figures in the world.

In 2004, the franchise was voted into Channel 4’s “100 Greatest Cartoons” after being placed 96th. Two years earlier, Betty Boop was ranked 17th on the list of 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters Ever by TV Guide. Betty Boop was part of two television specials – The Betty Boop Movie Mystery and The Romance of Betty Boop. The character has appeared in bits on television commercials, in addition to Who Framed Roger Rabbit – a 1988 feature film.

Betty is a character of some significance. She was considered among the first and most popular sex symbols in the animated world. A large percentage of her audiences are adults and she represents the Depression Era. Although surreal, the cartoons contained many psychological and sexual elements, especially in Minnie the Moocher – the Talkartoon which featured Cab Calloway and attracted the grown-ups to animations. Betty Boop is one of the favorite characters of many Americans who have lived through the years of the character’s popularity.

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