Beat the Heat Slots Machine

The ‘Beat the Heat’ slot game differentiates itself from other slot games by the number of different bonus features that exists on the machine. Not only are the graphics and game design exceptional, the slot machine has a touch screen and is packed with goodies that players love. Following the latest trends of the industry, Bally Technologies has done a beautiful job of keeping up to the expectations of slots lovers with this game.

The game is a remake of the original classic. In order to maintain the same feeling that the previous version provided, the slot machine has only three reels. With 25 lines of pay, the slot game has some great odds for players. Bet amounts range from one cent $1.

The maximum bet goes up to a whopping $200. With the variety of denominations available, the slot game is inviting to all kinds of  players. Users can have fun without risking much, and big money can be made too, if you enjoy the thrill of betting on slot games.

With the credit system at 50 cents a line, the maximum credit points that you can place on a single bet is four hundred credits. The maximum jackpot is 100,000 credits times the bet per line. This is a life-changing sum of money for some people, which is a major cause of the excitement behind the slot game. The system offers a hassle free gaming experience and the interface is also very user-friendly.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

The original version of ‘Beat the Heat’ used symbols of cherries, different colored bells and bars, and 7s. Bally’s new version of the game incorporates the exact same symbols with crisper graphics to make the game experience the best it can be. Bally Technologies has managed to stay ahead of the curb by incorporating a bonus round that is very engaging.

The U-spin bonus feature on the ‘Beat the Heat’ slot machine involves players by requiring them to spin the wheel using their fingers. The touch screen interface allows this to be possible, and most players have reported that they enjoy this addition to slot games. Players have the opportunity to win anything between 600 to 3000 casino credits in the U-spin bonus round.

Payouts from the Bonus Rounds

The most exciting part of this feature is that it can be triggered unlimited times. This effectively means that the amount of money players can win from the slot machine is also unlimited.

Mobile Compatibility

Today, the trend is quickly shifting from land-based casinos to online casinos. People like to enjoy a good number of rounds in the comfort of their own homes. With developments in technology, the Internet version of the game is just as catchy as the physical slot game itself.

Being compatible with smart phones makes it easy for players to enjoy casino games like ‘Beat the Heat’ while they are traveling or otherwise too occupied to be able to make an appearance at a land-based casino. Users can play the game on their laptops and desktops too with a simple registration for certain casino websites.

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