Aussie Gold Slots Machine

Bally Technologies have developed some truly great slot machines in recent years, and Aussie Gold is one such game which is in keeping with the high standards synonymous with the manufacturer. This game offers players a quality gaming experience along with big payouts, a fantastic jackpot and interesting denominations. If you’re interested in slots games, Aussie Gold is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Aussie Gold Slot Machine Features

Aussie Gold is more like a conventional slots game which comes with 30 paylines and five reels. The highest bet that players are allowed to make on the Aussie Gold slots machine is 600 credits. An interesting progressive jackpot is also part of the game and is called the lanterns mystery jackpot. Players are presented with an opportunity to bag significantly large winnings while having a great gambling experience. Moreover, you also have a chance to win 10 times your winnings thanks to some great multipliers. What’s more, you ask? The Aussie Gold slots game also offers you with a chance to win a good number of free spins when you play the jackpot game, thus enhancing your overall prize.

Chances to Win Big with Aussie Gold Slots

Since 600 credits can be bet per line, players who engage in this slot game have a chance to win around $300,000 as the maximum jackpot. Moreover, the game has an overall hit frequency of 49.6 per cent, which makes your chances of winning almost 50-50. The game itself is filled with fine colours and excellent graphics and sound effects, but the fact that players can win something without having to wager a large amount of money is what makes Aussie Gold a favourite amongst so many players across the world.

Aussie Gold is a potential gold mine for players as they can choose from a variety of denominations and have a good chance of winning prizes. Betting denominations in this game range from one cent to $100. There are 16 different ways through which you can bet on the game – one cent, two cents, three cents, five cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Bally and the Future of Slots

The developers at Bally Technologies are working on the introduction of many new slots and pokies not only in Australia, but in the entire gambling industry. 12 new games are expected to be launched in the Vegas gambling industry, some of them on the Pro Slant platform to offer players with a truly unique experience. This Pro Slant platform will feature an armrest so that players can get more comfortable at the casino. A spectacular new video display is also expected to grace Bally’s slots machines in the future. In addition, these latest technologies will enable players to experience superior audio as well as visual features as they have a go at the slot machines.

Bally Technologies are set to take casino gaming to the next level as they are reportedly working on creating systems that will not only attract players, but will also engage their senses when they play the games. Touch features are soon going to become  prominent in almost all Bally slots as players get to experience a more interactive and entertaining gambling environment.

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