Acorn Pixie Slots Game

Step into an enchanted realm, where beautiful pixies, vividly colored woodland nymphs, and fanciful magic flora and fauna spin along a 5 reel slots game with 30 total win lines available on all of your bets. Fanciful dragonflies, delicate fairy dust, and diminutive pixie friends bring players into a world of excitement and delight. As the reel spins, twinkling notes of fairy music play in time to the turning pictures. Players have many options to win, all while escaping to a mystical glen.


Acorn Pixie logo

How to Play, Wins & Payouts

To begin play, simply click on the round arrow in the middle – the largest button. You’ll hear tinkling music as the five reels spin, and when you’ve won a match, a bright chime will play. Pay close attention to the four pixie characters on the tiles – they’re worth extra points. Look for the striped stocking pixie, the pixie with the flute, a pixie playing marbles, and small pixie beside an acorn. The last is especially valuable

  • Choose your stake for each line
  • Increase or decrease the amount you wish by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons
  • Select the “Spin” button
  • Your matching tile winners will automatically highlight

The elegantly scripted “Wild” symbol is a substitute for any symbol on the board, allowing you to increase your likelihood of winning. The “Bar” is a bonus scatter, which gives you 20 times the stake you placed for 5 in combination.

As you spin through each round, look for the “Cluster Wild” feature – it’s randomly triggered, so make sure to watch each time. This is a large cluster of Wild symbols, two high by two wide, that you may add in any position along the reels. Don’t miss it in your haste to spin again – the Cluster Wild can really be a game changer.

The graphics are clear and crisp, and the reels move at an even pace – not too fast as to be visually jarring, but just speedy enough to give you a little sense of eagerness to see which symbols will appear. While the background and winning chimes are bright and cheery, they have a soothing tone at the same time. All in all, Acorn Pixie keeps you visually and aurally enchanted.

Featured Bonus Rounds

Choosing the bonus rounds is where the real excitement begins. While the Wild symbols and different fairies will give you chances to increase your winnings, the bonus features of Acorn Pixie set it apart from other slots.

Players have options with the bonus rounds in Acorn Pixie. In the upper left-hand corner of the game is the Bonus Selection screen. Players may choose:

  • 6 Games
  • 8 Games
  • 12 Games

This part is more exciting for players because there’s a better chance for more fairies. Bonus games use bonus reels that differ from the base game reels, and when you bet in Buy A Bonus, your bonus games that are featured in the Chosen Potions pay on all paylines.

  • Free spins earn the player seven free spins – but bear in mind that this changes to a different set of reels with six rows instead of four
  • No bonus spins during your free spin round
  • On the first spin, the position at the bottom of reel three of your tiles will become wild and remain that way for the rest of the spins

Is Acorn Pixie Worth Playing?

Acorn Pixie is as fun to play as it is pretty to look at. With beautiful pixies on either side of the detailed reels and fully colored images, Acorn Pixie is a welcome change from a typical slot game. Adding in the different levels to play, along with many options for players to access bonus features, there’s plenty of challenges for both the novice slot puller and the veteran player alike.

Giving players access to the bonus round whenever they wish is an unusual feature of online slots, but one that works well in conjunction with the bonus features of Acorn Pixie. With many ways to play, from the basic to the bonus rounds and optional purchases, Acorn Pixie shows it’s beautiful and challenging features to many different gaming experiences.

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