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In addition to their spectacular Asian themed slots such as Dragon Spin, Bally have produced many solid games – where the focus is very much on the regular on-reel game-play. 88 Fortunes is a great example of this type of slot, and a game which has been popular for many years.

You’ll immediately notice that this game is all-Asian – there are no filler symbols such as playing cards.

There are 4 progressive jackpots, which are won via the ‘Fu Babies’ pick game shared with other titles including 5 Dragons. You will also get a free spins bonus round by lining up 3 of the special gong symbols.

Golden Symbols in the 88 Fortune Base Game

All the symbols contain an element of gold in this game – with gold also coming into play for the randomly triggered jackpot pick round. 88 Fortunes uses a ‘Reel Pays’ system, effectively an all-ways setup which pays all combinations of 3+ on consecutive reels from the left. This gives you 243 winning combinations at a spin cost of 88c and multiples of that amount.

The highest paying symbol is a dragon, which looks like it has been stamped onto a golden ingot. This has a bright red background, creating a vivid contrast. You will also find 3 gold ingots on top of each other, a gold coin (complete with the square cut out of the middle) and a turtle which is made of gold.

Wilds are an elaborate gold and red symbol, with Chinese writing in the middle. This will substitute for all the other symbols (including the scatters). With the all-ways winning system in place, you can create a lot of win-lines with wild symbols in the right place. Each time a wild lands on the reels, even when not involved in a win, this adds gold to a pot above the reels. This increases the chance of the random jackpot game being triggered.

Gong symbols land with the crashing of a gong sound effect. You’ll need 3 of these from the left to trigger 10 free spins.

Bonus Games on the 88 Fortunes Slot

There are two bonus games, both of which are fairly generic – though they do offer you the chance of hitting a bigger win. The first is the free spins game and the second the jackpot picks game.

3 gongs on consecutive reels give you 10 free spins. Wild symbols will substitute for gongs. Other than the background of the reels turning from a red hue to a darker shade of gold, there is nothing different compared to the base game. You can add 10 more spins at any point with 3+ gongs from the left-hand side.

The jackpot game will start at random – preceded by the elaborately designed pot of gold above the reels closing and wobbling a little. You are given a grid of 12 gold coins. Tapping them will reveal a ‘Fu Baby’ (a pale skinned traditional baby figure). There are 4 types, and you get a jackpot by picking 3 of the same ones. The jackpots start small with a mini-prize (low double figures) and include a grand jackpot which is typically a low 4-figures ($1000 and up)

Older, Though Fully Asian Design

Even the smallest touches on this slot have an Asian flavor to them. One example is the coin-fountain effect which comes with big wins. This uses gold coins with a square cut out of the middle, in line with traditional Chinese gold coins. I also like the fact that no playing cards or other generic filler symbols have been used.

Having said that, the level of detail is not the most modern – especially when it comes to the individual symbols. These are nicely drawn and smart, though do not have the same level of detail compared to more recent slot games. Stand out examples are the golden dragon and the turtle. Animations are mostly flashing and lines between the symbols when you trigger wins. There is a nice animation and sound effect combination when the gold travels to the pot above the reels from the wild symbols.

Should 88 Fortunes be on Your Asian Slots Hit List?

When it comes to slots of this type, you do have a lot of choices. All of the main slot makers have a selection of games with this solid base game plus free spins setup. What sets 88 Fortunes apart is that it is all-Asian (no filler symbols) and has randomly triggered progressive jackpot. There is the potential for some big line hits, especially combining the wilds and all-ways winning system. If you enjoy a solid slot, which does not get too fancy or complex, then 88 Fortunes might just be your route to that pot of gold!

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