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Bally started making slots in the era of mechanical games. When you combine that experience with detailed graphics and extra features – you’ll immediately see the appeal of their latest video slot game 5 Treasures. The 5 Treasures casino game is an Asian themed slot, with many classic Chinese luck symbols on the reels. Even the spin amounts are in multiples of 88. There are progressive jackpots, and a free spins bonus game where you can choose which symbols get stacked on the reels.

Base Game – How to Win Your Share of the 5 Treasures

This slot uses ‘reel ways’, which is an all-ways system. The name seems to be a combination of all-ways and reel-power. There is a 5 reel by 3 row grid of symbols, which gives you 243 potential winning combinations starting from the left-hand side. The smallest spin amount is 88c, and you can bet in multiples of this. You’ll find this creates some odd-looking bet sizes, for example 6x per spin would be $5.28c.

If you are a fan of Asian themed games, whether created by Bally or any other slot software developer, then the symbols found on the reels will not come as any surprise. There are golden carp, dragons, a turtle and golden ingots. You will also find plain (though boldly colored) playing card symbols, which make up the smaller line wins.

Wild symbols have two uses in this game. These are elaborately decorated red symbols, with a gold center containing a Chinese symbol. They substitute for the regular symbols to create extra wins as usual. This can be very valuable when an all-ways system is in play. They also add gold to the jackpot pot of gold above the reels – more on that below.

The final symbol is a red doorway with gold attachments – this is the free spins bonus symbol, you’ll need 3 to trigger the bonus game.

5 Treasures Jackpot Pick Game

Jackpots are awarded randomly in the 5 Treasures slot machine, only you’ll increase the chances of this by collecting wilds during your play session. Each time you hit a wild, gold jumps up above the reels into a special pot – along with a sound effect. The more gold you add, the bigger the chances of the random jackpot game starting. Bally use this same system in many of their free slots.

When this does start, you’ll see the lid of the pot close and the pot shake. Next you have a second screen with 12 gold coins. You pick these, each one showing a white-face (traditional makeup) Fu baby character. There are 4 types, each is associated with one of the jackpots – mini, minor so on. Once you pick 3 of a kind, that is the jackpot you will win.

Free Spins Bonus Round

6 Free spins are a lower number than you’ll find awarded on many slot games – though there is an extra to sweeten the deal. This is a screen where you get to choose which symbol you want added to the reels in super-stacks. You can choose 88 extra dragon symbols (this is the top paying symbol), up to 128 extra of the golden carp (the smallest prize unique symbol). This gives you a chance of some big multi-line wins – and the free spins bonus can be extended with more of the red / gold door symbols.

Quality Asian Design of the 5 Treasures Slot

The upper part of the cabinet for this slot game is dominated by the pay table and current progressive jackpot amounts. Like many Bally games, there is a bright edge around both of the screens, this one is red to fit with the Chinese theme. The pot of gold above the reels first looks like it is just a decoration, once you start to play you realize this has a bigger role in the game.

Symbols are very detailed, and brightly colored. While red dominates the slot as a whole, the contrasting gold and blue, green and purple symbols gives a rich feel overall. Animations are high quality too – look out for the gold moving upwards when you hit a wild. When you hit the jackpot picks game you will see some beautifully drawn traditional characters behind those gold coins.

How Does 5 Treasures Compare to Other Asian Slots?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Asian-themed slots. Bally produces many of these, including the hugely popular Dragon Spin and Lucky Tree slots. 5 Treasures is a solid game, and will appeal to players who enjoy the less elaborate type of slots. Highlights are the chance to hit a jackpot with any spin, and the free spins game with your choice of stacked symbols. This is a beautifully produced slot, which is certain to have its fans!

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