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It is common these days to see new slot games with game play which is taken from slots with a different design. This is exactly what Ash Gaming has done to create the colorful and lively Zodiac Zillions slots machine. The theme involves planets, crystal balls and black cats (though other than in the logo, no signs of the zodiac). When it comes to the game play, you may well have seen this before. It is featured in the Viva Las Vegas Classic slot.

You’ll find big line wins possible, and 3 different bonus games. These include a wheel where you can gamble your scatter wins, random on-reel prizes and a special game within the crystal ball symbols.

Mystic Setup of the Zodiac Zillions Slot

Just like the slots on which this game is based, this is a 5-reel slot with 20 win lines. You can select as many or as few of these win-lines as you wish. You can spin from 1c per line and up, assuming to pick the default of 20 lines.

Wild symbols will meow at you when involved in a win – showing a short animation of a black cat too. These are the best paying symbols, worth a generous 10,000 coins for 5 on a line, 2,000 for 4, 200 for 3 and 10 for just 2. These cats also substitute for all of the regular symbols, and will often create extra wins this way.

Other high paying symbols are the sun (complete with face) which is worth 500 coins for 5, and the moon (which starts clouded, though smiles when it wins) which is worth 250 for the full set. Playing cards symbols stand out from the otherwise mystery themed designs – and are in their usual supporting role making up the smaller wins.

Reverse Play Option

This is one of a few Ash Gaming titles which allow ‘reverse play’. Here you spin hoping that the symbols will not match. You get a prize when you lose, though is a proportion of your stake. You are not really taking the role of the house here – since the edge is still in favor of the casino. For a quick change from the regular way of spinning, this can be entertaining.

On-Reel Features

There are 2 short features, which you do not have to leave the reels to play. These are the comet game and the crystal ball game. Planet symbols give you random wins, which are based on your line bet, every time you line up 2 or more. These can be big, with up to 2000x your line bet if you hit 5. You will see a comet go past and reveal your win each time.

Crystal balls have regular wins – you can get up to 1000 coins for the full 5. Hitting 3 or more sees a mini-game kick off where each ball will glow with a color. If you get 2 or more of the same colors, you win an additional prize. The biggest prize for this game is 8000 coins if you get 4 or 5 of the same color.

Bonus Scatter and Wheel Game

Zodiac Zillions logos are the scatter symbols, these pay out for the total in view. They can be anywhere on the reels, and are not tied to individual win-lines. If you hit 5 of them, you get 125x your total bet amount, with 50x for 4 and 5x for 3.

After your scatter win you will go to an attractively designed screen showing a wheel of fortune type wheel. In the segments of this wheel are multipliers ranging from 0x to 4x. You now have a choice. You can collect your win, collect half of it, or spin the wheel and see if you can make it bigger. You can keep doing this until you wither hit 100,000x, or you bust out. The option to collect half remains available throughout.

Planets and Moons – Design of the Zodiac Zillions Slot

This is a bright slot, with a lot of colors and many small animations. To the left of the reels you will see the sun and fluffy white clouds. To the left is the night sky, showing the moon and planets. The logo is bright, this shows a circle featuring the signs of the zodiac behind the bright blue words.

Symbols do not show signs of the zodiac, instead these are generic ‘mystery’ type images. There is a ringed planet, sun, moon and crystal ball. The black cat peers at you from one side of a symbol, with a turret of a castle on the opposite side. The ‘meow’ when this helps to make a win can be entertaining, especially when a wild makes several wins at once (each meow coming separately!).

Is a Session on Zodiac Zillions in Your Stars?

This is an enjoyable enough game, with several different bonuses and a bright, colorful design. Unusually, you’ll be given the chance to gamble your scatter wins on a spinning wheel. The extra crystal ball mini-game adds an extra dimension to the base game – and can sometimes result in some big wins too!

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