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Ash Gaming are not the only slot software house to make X-Factor themed slots. IGT also produce X-Factor games, which you can find in live casinos. This page tells you all about the one of the two online X-Factor slots available at PlayTech casinos, which are based on the UK version of this show. The other one is X-Factor Platinum.

To say this is a ‘lively’ slot would be a huge understatement! It is loud, bold and hectic – giving you a lot of entertainment for your money. If you are a fan of the show, a lot of the performers shown, voice-overs and incidental music will be very familiar. Even if you are only partially acquainted with the show, there is plenty enough going on to keep you engaged.

The highlight is a bonus game based on how far your chosen performer gets before being voted off. There is also a free spins game with sticky wilds, an in-reel microphone instant win game – and as the title says, the chance of winning one of 3 progressive jackpots.

Auditions: Setup of the X-Factor Jackpot Slot

Stepping back from the flashy animations and complex bonuses for a moment, here is how the game is set up. The basis is a 5-reel video slot with 3 rows of symbols, with 20 win-lines crossing from the left. You can spin from $1, all the way up to $200. No auto play is offered for this game.

In addition to the bonus games, you can hit some big line win prizes on X-Factor Jackpot slot. These are topped by the gold X-Factor wilds, which are worth 10,000 coins if you hit 5 of a kind. A female singer partially covered by blonde hair is next at 1500 coins for 5, with a male singer (open mouthed) worth 1000. Silhouettes of a dancing group are the last high paying regular symbol – worth 500 coins. Playing card symbols make up the smaller sized wins.

There are 3 special symbols, each of which triggers a different bonus.

Microphone Instant Win Bonus

On some spins you will see the middle reel slow down. When it stops you will see a microphone. This then replicates on reels 2 and 4. The familiar voice over voice tells you to pick one. You click on your selection and reveal one of the contestants from the show – along with a cash prize. The others are then revealed, showing different contestants and prizes.

Free Spins with Locking Wilds

A picture of a CD with a musical note on the top right are the free spins bonus symbols. You need 3 or more to trigger the free spins bonus game. Before the spins start, 2 things happen. First, each of the CDs turns around on the reels, revealing a number. This is how many free spins you get in total.

Second, some of the gold X-Factor logos appear on the reels, with up to 5 wilds possible. These are locked in place for your free spins.

When your spins are complete, a box will appear in front of the reels with your total amount won in it. The voice over will tell you that you have the X-Factor to go with your win!

Live Show Bonus Game + Progressive Jackpot

You’ll have the chance to pick from a lot of familiar faces (assuming you are a fan of the show) for the main bonus game. This is triggered by hitting 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.

You get to take your performer through up to 6 rounds of the show. They will perform, and you will see a green tick or red X, depending on how the judges vote for them. 3+ of the ticks are needed to progress to the next game, and every tick you get earns you cash prizes.

Things get interesting if you get 2 ticks and 2 crosses, this is a deadlock. To resolve it, a phone vote takes place. This can get you through to the next round – and it can also win you one of the progressive jackpots. If all 6 rounds result in a phone vote, and you succeed in getting through, then you get the gold progressive. There are smaller progressives for 5 and 4 successful phone votes.

Over the Top Design of the X-Factor Jackpot Slot

There are elements of this game which are deliberately over the top. The sound effects are dramatic, with bursts of music and other electronic sounds. There are plenty of visual effects too and a coin fountain when you hit a big win.

The main visual effects are saved for the show bonus, where you will enjoy clips of the different performers in action before the tension of the vote.

Should I Spin and See if I Have The X-Factor?

If you are a fan of either the X-Factor show or multi-bonus jackpot slots, then this game should be on your hit list. You get plenty of entertainment for your money, and can root for your favorite performers from previous seasons of the show while you play. There really is only one way to find out whether you have the X-Factor – and that is to take this slot for a spin!

About X-Factor

Simon Cowell, creator of the X-Factor TV show and many other TV talent contests is now a household name. Back in 2004, when the X-Factor first went on screens in the UK, the format was new. This talent show followed audition events around the country, then a series of knockout contests – leading up to a high-profile final. This is arranged so that the winner gets to release a song in time to hit the coveted number one spot at Christmas each year.

Minor celebrities take the role of judges. Over the years, Sharon Osbourne (wife of rocker Ozzy Osborne), Danni Minogue and Cheryle Cole have all been involved. To say this has been a popular show would be an understatement, the ratings peaked at 19.7 million viewers – with over 10 million people casting their votes.

Previous winners of the X-Factor have gone on to have successful music careers. Names include Matt Cardle, the group Little Mix and Shayne Ward.

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