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Who Wants to be a Millionaire was a global hit. This TV quiz show gave contestants chances to win a million pounds. The original UK show started in 1998 and was hosted by Chris Tarrant. This went on to play in 160 countries, and continues to this day in many places.

The Ash Gaming slot based on this iconic show recreates some of the trademark tension and drama of the original. You might not be able to win a million, though the progressive jackpot prize can get high. You’ll find a free spins game with moving wilds, bonus game which recreates the quiz system of the show and on-reel instant wins too. If you enjoyed the TV shows, then this Ash Gaming online slot is a must play.

Format of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Slot

At the center of a familiar blue and neon game show setting, you’ll find 5 slot reels – with 3 symbols on each. The default is 50 win-lines crossing the reels, with bets from 1c and up available. Turbo mode is offered, as is auto play.

You’ll find some familiar signs on the symbols – in addition to the original circular game logo there are signs for the ‘life lines’, a million pound cheque, picture of a guy with a screen in front and a bright gold question mark symbol. The best paying of the regular symbols shows the question with 4 answers underneath that was the central aspect of the show.

Wilds are in place, this shows outlines of people (the audience). These substitute for all of the regular symbols, though do not have a specific win amount of their own. Note that the wilds will not substitute for the bonus or scatter symbols.

There are 3 different special symbols on the reels. Each of these has a role in the many bonus features.

Instant Wins – Pick an Answer

Player’s choice symbols are made up of 4 segments, like the ones which had the answers to questions in the game show. If you hit 3 or more of these symbols anywhere in view, you get a random win.

You will see them turn to ‘Answer A’, ‘Answer B’ and so on. You click on one, and it will ask you whether this is your final answer! You click either yes or no, and when you do agree to one, then this will count up a cash prize.

Free Spins Bonus with Moving Lifeline Wilds

Hitting 3 of the free spins symbols will give you 10 free spins. During this bonus the lifeline symbols take on a new role. These become walking wilds. What happens is that one of them hits reel 3 (for example). This says ‘wild 3’. It stays wild for the next free spin, moving one spot to the left (and now showing ‘wild 2’). This continues until the end of your spins. It is possible to have a lot of these wilds in different positions on the reels – which gives you plenty of potential for big wins.

Jackpot Ladder Feature

This feature requires 3 or more of the Jackpot Ladder symbols. Here you get to play a version of the main game from the TV show. There are small wins at the bottom of the ladder, leading right up to the progressive jackpot at the top.

No general knowledge is involved – this is a random picks game. First, the number of special symbols you triggered the game with determines how many ‘Free Advance’ options you get on the ladder.

Next you will see the 4 answer segments. One will say ‘collect’ and the others ‘advance 1’ or ‘advance 2’. You click and one is chosen at random. When the light stops you’ll either end the bonus (collecting what you have so far) or move up the ladder. Things get progressively harder. Eventually the segments have 3 ‘collect’ options and one ‘mystery’ – which can move you up between 1 and 3 rungs.

Blue and Neon Design

Chris Tarrant may be missing from this game – though a lot of the music and sound effects from the original game show do feature. While the symbols are quite simple, overall the theme works well. I like the feel of drama and tension. Animations such as the walking wilds are also well produced.

Confirm Your Final Answer to Play the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Slot?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire slot is an entertaining game which mixes some of the iconic elements of the original game with the chance of winning big prizes. If you know the show, then I am sure that this Ash Gaming title will make for an enjoyable session. The ladder jackpot game is where the biggest prize potential is, though it is hard to get too high up. Free spins are more enjoyable. Here the walking wilds can add a lot of wins.

About Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to be a Millionaire started back in 1998 in the UK. The original series was hosted by Chris Tarrant, who continued right up until 2014. The idea of the show is that contestants answer a series of questions – trying to reach a million-pound prize. Tension is created by the fact that incorrect answers at the wrong point can see big losses. It is possible to keep wins at any point, or to gamble for more.

To say this show was a success would be an understatement. It has reached 160 countries around the world. While the millionaire concept has been kept, some units of currency make this amount much smaller than the original million British pounds.

At the start of each game, many contestants vie to take the hot seat in a ‘fastest finger first’ elimination game. Once in the seat, contestants get 3 ‘lifelines’. These are 50:50, which removes 2 incorrect answers, phone a friend (for advice) and ask the audience – which initiates a poll.


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