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Another play on words in the title of this online slot from Ash Gaming. This adds some aquatic life to the popular ‘Wheel of Fortune’ concept. You will find a wheel involved, and a whale, in the second-screen bonus game. Unusually, you can lose your bonus here – as well as boost it substantially. There are two on-reel extras. One involved a suits mini-game with playing card symbols, and the other random wins with casino chips. While Whale of Fortune slot will not be winning any awards for modern design, this is an upbeat, fast and entertaining slot game.

Regular Video Slot Setup of the Whale of Fortune

Nothing unusual about the setup of this game – the regular 5×3 grid with 20 (fixed) win-lines. Your only options before you play involve your bet amount (from 20c and up) and whether you prefer the super-fast ‘turbo mode’. You can also choose auto-play.

Next to the spin button you will see one which says ‘reverse play’. This can be toggled on and off. This is an interesting concept, where you win money when there are no wins on the reels, and nothing if the symbols line up!

The symbols you’ll want to see most of are the wilds. These are represented by a logo, showing a neon casino sign. As you might expect, these wilds do substitute for all the other symbols to create extra wins. They also have the single biggest line prize – which is 10,000 coins for 5 on one of the 20 win lines.

There are only 2 more regular higher paying symbols (among many special ones). These are the money and coins, worth 500 for 5, and the fat cigar, worth 250. Playing cards, which have been made to look like they are part of casino signs, full of lights, are the lower paying symbols.

Special Symbols – Chips and Cards

Chip stacks pay random prizes when you line them up on a win-line. This is a proportion of your line bet. If you win with 2 chip stacks, then you get between 1 and 4x your bet. Hitting 5 of these on a line bumps this up to between 500 and 2000x that line amount.

Playing card symbols show 5 face-down cards on a green background. These do have regular line win prizes, up to 1000 coins for 5 of a kind. There is also a suits mini-game, which can win you extra coin prizes. You will see the first card on each symbol turn over to reveal a suit. If you get 4 or 5 suits the same, you win an additional 8000 coins, with 500 for 3 identical suits and 50 for just 2.

Gamble Wins on the Whale Wheel Bonus Game

Hitting 3+ of the bonus symbols showing a whale smoking a cigar gets you a scatter win – along with a novel way of adding to this. You get 5x your total bet amount for 3, 50x for 4 and 125x for 5. Next, you see a roulette wheel with an animated whale behind it. This whale is smoking a cigar and holding piles of cash in each fin.

On the wheel are segments with multipliers up to 4x. Some of these say 0x (these are red) and are effectively ‘lose’ segments. Other show half, and others 1x and 2x. You can spin as many times as you wish, with the total shown on the right above the wheel. On the left, there is a collect button, which you can use at any point. There is also a ‘collect half’ button available.

One entertaining aspect of the Whale of Fortune casino game is the sad and dejected looking whale when you do lose your money. Hopefully you will not be seeing this too often!

Not the Best Design for the Whale of Fortune Slot

The Whale of Fortune slot machine is more about the quick and entertaining game-play than it is the design. The overall feel is dated, though clean and clear. Either side of the reels are old style mechanical gambling machines. These have whale-themed titles, for example ‘Moby Money’. The backs of the reels are dark, and the simple symbols are brightly colored – giving an overall ‘neon’ type effect.

There are some smaller on-reel animations, for example the cards flipping and chips riffing. The main animation work is in the wheel spin bonus game, where you have a high-rolling animated whale to entertain you. Some upbeat, almost disco type music, plays while you enjoy the bonus.

Should You Make a Splash with the Whale of Fortune Slot?

This is an enjoyable game, despite the retro look and feel to the design. There are some innovative features. Both the ‘suits’ mini-game and the reverse play option are not available on other slots. The main attraction is the scatter wins bonus game, which lets you run up your prize to some substantial levels.

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