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I have lost count of the number of slots which use Las Vegas and casino gambling as their theme. This one from Ash Gaming might not be the most recent design, though it is entertaining. There are 3 different bonus features. One of these is a wheel of fortune type game, which lets you choose from free spins or cash prize. The other features are on the reels. One involves casino chips which give you random cash wins. There is also a game where you get to spin 3 mini-slots which appear over the reels.

Overall this is an upbeat and lively slot, which I found enjoyable to play despite the dated graphic design.

Casino Style Setup of the Viva Las Vegas Slot

There are 20 win lines, crossing the familiar 5 reels across by 3 rows of symbols deep. The plain white background of those reels contrasts with the detailed view from above the Las Vegas Strip behind them. You’ll find a wide range of bet sizes. These range from a minimum of 20c, up to a huge $100 per spin.

With so many bonus symbols on the reels, Ash Gaming have used only 2 unique regular symbols for this game. These are a pile of gold bars, and a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. They are worth 1000 and 500 coins respectively for 5 of a kind.

These prizes are dwarfed by the logo symbol, which is also a wild. 5 of these will get you 10,000 coins with 1000 for 4, 100 for 3 and 10 for just 2. As is usual these wilds will substitute for any of the other regular symbols, in this case they will also substitute for the chip special symbols too.

Playing cards, which have been given a curved, somewhat 1930’s look to them make up the smaller wins. Ace down to ten are in play.

Wheel of Fortune Type Bonus Game

You only need 3 of the bonus symbols to go to the 2nd screen bonus game. If you are lucky enough to hit 4 or 5 of these, then you get a multiplier of 3x or 10x on your free spins wins. Before you go to the main wheel bonus page, you’ll get a choice. You can click one of two colors, one for cash spins and the other for free spins.

If you choose the cash spins, then each segment of the wheel shows a cash prize. You spin the wheel, and keep collecting cash until you hit one of the ‘collect’ segments. The free spins wheel has more collect segments. Instead of cash, there are numbers of free spins you can win, from 7 down to 2. Once again, you keep spinning until you hit collect.

Other than a different background ‘song’, the free spins are the same as the base game. If you triggered with 4 or 5 symbols, then you will get that multiplier of up to 10x. This is where the very big prizes come from with this slot.

On Reel Special Features – Chips and Slots

If you hit a win with the chips symbols, then you will receive a random prize for each of the symbols involves. You will see an animation, sometimes the chips in view just move, other times many more chips are added to the pile. Alongside this, you will be shown how much you won for each symbol.

The final bonus game comes in when you hit 3 of the slot machine symbols. These symbols show old style mechanical 3-reel slots. These expand, and you click to play each one. If you line up 3 bars, you win a prize and get to spin again. Each slot will keep spinning and paying out more prizes until it hits a losing spin – at which point it is out of the game.

1930’s Effect Design of the Viva Las Vegas Slot

There are a lot of the trusty Vegas clichés on the reels – though overall the 1930’s look of the playing cards is the highlight. The night view of the strip behind the reels is very detailed – perhaps the most detailed element. The logo, which is based on the ‘welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, is bright and has a glass sheen effect.

Of the bonus games, the wheel is the most impressive. Again, this is not the latest design work. The music lifts your excitement levels for this part of the game.

Should You Take Viva Las Vegas for a Spin?

This type of slot does have its fans, and Viva Las Vegas is an all-round entertaining game. If you do not mind the dated and plain feel to a lot of the game, then there is a lot of entertainment on offer. It is not only about the 3 different bonus features, you’ll find some big line wins possible too.

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