Viva Las Vegas Classic
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This slot shares features with at least 2 others in the Ash Gaming range. The first is the newer Viva Las Vegas, which also has the random prize chip symbols and a lot of the same imagery. Second, the bonus wheel game and suits mini-game for the card symbols is shared with the entertaining Whale of Fortune slot.

Viva Las Vegas Classic has an older feel to it than the regular Viva Las Vegas. There are still many good reasons to check it out. This slot has a bonus wheel which lets you gamble scatter wins, and a top line prize of a healthy 10,000 chips.

Standard Setup of Viva Las Vegas Classic Slot

Like the two ‘related’ games, Viva Las Vegas casino game uses a standard setup of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 win lines. You are free to select as many or as few lines as you wish, and the minimum bet per line is just 1c. Like Whale of Fortune, you can choose reverse play. This pays you when you miss all wins! While it is entertaining for a few spins, this is more of a novelty than something you would do a lot. Auto play is offered as standard.

Line wins are topped by the wilds, which include the ‘welcome to Las Vegas’ styled slot logo. 5 of these will get you a generous 10,000 coins. You’ll get 2,000 coins for 4, 200 for 3 and 10 for just 2. By contrast the next biggest non-bonus prizes are 500 coins for 5 of the gold bars, and 250 coins for 5 of the Champaign and glasses combinations.

Playing card symbols fill their usual role of making up the lower prizes.

Two On-Reel Features

One of the special symbols shows 5 cards all face down. If you hit 2+ on a win-line, then you win a prize (up to 1000 coins for 5). You also get to play the ‘suits mini game’. This is not interactive, though you can win up to 8000 coins from it.

What happens is that the first card from each hand turns over – starting from the left. You win extra cash depending on how many of them are of matching suits. This ranges from 50 coins for 2 of a kind, 500 for 3 of one suit to 8000 of 4+. If you get 5 of these card symbols, then at least 2 of them will match.

Chips offer random prizes. For smaller 2 or 3 of a kind wins, these are small, only going up to 65 coins max. If you hit a 5 of a kind win with the chips, your prize can be as high as 2000 coins in total.

Wheel of Fortune Scatter Wins Gamble Option

Like on many slots, scatter wins pay out based on the total number of symbols in view on the reels, and are not tied to any win-lines. You win a multiple of your total spin amount. For 3 of the wheel bonus symbol this is 5x your spin, for 4 you get 50x and for 5 you get 125x.

Next you see a screen with a huge wheel of fortune type wheel on it. This is an optional feature – if you prefer to collect your scatter win there is button to do this. If you want to gamble, you click to spin and can win anything up top 4x your bet. Some of the segments sat 1/2 – which loses half of your stake. Others say 0x, which loses it all. You can keep spinning as often as you like. As well as the collect-all button, there is an option to collect half of your winnings and play on with the rest.

Colorful, Dated Design of the Viva Las Vegas Classic Slot

The nicest thing to say about the design of this slot is that it is both colorful and lively! By todays standard it does look very retro, though this should not stop you playing. For me the multiple bonus features are the main draw, and the graphics bearable if not spectacular.

You will hear some ambient casino noise between spins, and some retro electronic type sounds while the reels spin and for wins. Underneath the reels you can see a message, saying things like ‘spin em baby’ and ‘the reel thing’.

Should You Spin the Viva Las Vegas Classic Slot?

For a trip down memory lane to the earlier days of online slot games this title is worth a look. If design is important to you, then the more recent Viva Las Vegas might be a better bet. For those who enjoy solid slots with a few different bonus features, this classic slot might be a good fit.

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