Triple Inferno Slot
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Of the many online slots in the Ash Gaming range, Triple Inferno feels the most like a live Vegas style game. This slot uses classic symbols like fruits and bars. The main focus is on the progressive jackpots – of which you will find 6. These are won via a Wheel of Fortune style bonus game. Uniquely, after you spin this wheel (which guarantees at least one of the jackpots), then you have a chance at spinning again in a random yes / no game.

There are wild symbols which double your wins, plus a choice of 3 variations of the game.

Choose Your Preferred Triple Inferno Slot Setup

Before you even get to the reels, you have a choice of 3 variations. These all feature cartoon devils. You can pick the baby inferno, Mr. Inferno or Mrs. Inferno. Game play is identical for these games. What can be different involves flames around one or more of the progressive jackpots. These very effective flame effects show you which of the jackpots is hot.

Once you select your game the reels expand and you’ll see a clear and clean design with bright fruit symbols. Above the reels you will see the jackpots for your game in the foreground, with the jackpots for the games you did not select faded on either side.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to win real-money. Whichever devil you picked becomes a 2x wild. Getting 5 of these on one of the 20 win-lines will pay the biggest line win – 10,000 coins. These wilds will double any win that they become a part of. There are also regular wilds, which substitute for everything except the 2x wilds. These will get you a 5000-coin win for 5 on a line.

The higher paying regular symbols are the 7’s. There are 3 colors, red, blue and yellow. Bar symbols (the classic 3, 2 and 1) and fruits (oranges, lemons and cherries) make up the remaining symbols.

The final symbol shows a wheel, with the word Bonus written on it. This will trigger the wheel bonus game – which is undoubtedly the main focus of this slot.

Win Jackpots Via the Wheel Bonus Game

Hitting a wheel symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 will take you to a special wheel of fortune type wheel, which has two concentric circles made up of colored segments. In the middle of these 2 circles is the word ‘jackpot’. At this point you are guaranteed to win at least one of the 6 progressive jackpot amounts.

You click to spin the wheel, which comes to a stop on one of the colored segments. These colors match the different jackpots – ranging from mini and minor to maxi and the top jackpot prize.

On the outer reel, there are two arrows which point inwards. If you hit one, then the pointer for your prize extends, and the second wheel starts to spin. This has a different proportion of colored segments. More of these are the mid to high jackpots, rather than the mini one. There is also a second arrow pointing inwards. If hit this, then you win the biggest progressive – which can be substantial.

After you win a prize, you will see a yes / no button beneath the wheel. This moves way too fast to time, flicking between the two options. Your task is to hit the ‘stop’ button, which causes the flickering to slow down and then stop. If you hit the ‘yes’ you get to restart the bonus. Note that if you did make it to the inner wheel first time around, you will start on the outer one again.

Classic Design of the Triple Inferno Slot

The introduction video calls this ‘a hot pot slot’, and who am I to argue. You’ll find sharp design and some very effective flaming animations for this game – as well as nicely produced sound effects. The best symbols are the members of the Inferno family, with the cheeky baby inferno standing out. The 7’s and fruit symbols are all crisp and bright, though do not stand out compared to similar symbols on other games.

You’ll get a voice over for the wheel bonus round – which adds an element of game-show entertainment. Animations wise it is nothing too special, since you’ll be guaranteed a jackpot at this point, I’m sure the finer points of graphic design will not be too important!

Should You Fire Up the Triple Inferno Slot?

This is an enjoyable game, and with the 3 slots having different ‘hot’ jackpots, it even has an element of strategy to it. Line wins can be big, especially if you include the 2x wilds, though the wheel spin game is the main reason to play. If you reach this you are guaranteed one of the jackpots. The main questions become, will it be a bigger one? And if not – will you get to spin the week again for a second shot at the grand prize?

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