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Many free slots have progressive elements – for example the iSlots range from Rival Gaming. Time Machine is by Ash Gaming, and found at PlayTech casinos. This game has a progressive story which takes you from the time of the dinosaurs, right up to 1960’s San Francisco!

You’ll need to collect plutonium in the base game. Once you have enough of this, you can travel through worm holes to 4 different bonus games set in different eras. The final bonus game sees you auction off the items you collect.

Science Lab – Setup of the Time Machine Slot

This game is set in a science lab, narrated by a female assistant with an English accent, and features a mad scientist with a passing resemblance to Einstein. While the design of the reels changes as you go through the game, the 20 win lines and 5×3 grid of the reels remains the same. You can bet from 20c and up for the full 20 lines. You will see a gauge for plutonium to the left of the reels, and another labelled ‘inventory’ to the right. These are important for the bonus games.

For the regular line wins, there is one outlier – which pays 10x more than the next biggest prize. This is 10,000 coins, which comes your way for hitting 5 of the wild symbols (the slot logo) on a win-line. You’ll get 1000 coins for 4, 100 for 3, plus any additional wins via these symbols substituting for the other regular ones.

High paying regular symbols are topped by the mad scientist, which is worth 1000 coins for 5. Next comes his female assistant at 500 coins, what looks like the time machine (400), an alarm clock (300) and a book which says ‘antiques guide’ (200). Playing cards ace down to 10 are also in play, creating the smaller wins.

Collecting Plutonium

A stick of green plutonium in a jar is the scatter symbol. This also enables the bonus games. There is a meter to the left of the reels, with 11 spaces. Each time you collect 3 or more jars of plutonium in the same spin, you get 3, 4 or 5 of the bars filled. When you get to the top of the meter, you can enter the time travel bonus games.

If you hit 3 of the bonus symbols (the worm hole designs) before your plutonium meter is filled, then you hear a voice saying ‘3 wormholes, but not enough plutonium’ and other things. This is fairly frequent, which is my one concern in an otherwise entertaining slot.

There is also a scatter win for 3+ plutonium symbols. This is 1x your spin amount for 3, 3x for 4 and 10x for 5.

Time Travel Bonus Games

There are 5 bonus games to get through. These are triggered with 3 worm hole symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 when your plutonium meter is full. You hear the lady speak, and then see a graphic where the ship flies (wobbling) into the spiraling black and white wormhole.

Each of the bonus games is very simple.

First you get to choose from a row of 5 colorful dinosaur eggs. Each one will hatch, and a prize (and a small dinosaur) will be revealed. You only get one prize, so you have to decide whether to keep the reward, or choose another egg.

Next you go to ancient Rome. Here you pick a team for a chariot race – out of 3 possible options. You get a prize based on where they finish. Battleships, with old style wooden ships, is the next bonus game. This one is more interactive. You can choose either to shoot cannons manually, or have this on automatic. You keep shooting ships, getting a cash prize when they sink.

The next bonus shows a 1960’s psychedelic band, from San Francisco. A spotlight scrolls between each member, stopping to reveal a cash prize – along with character saying something, for example ‘far out man’.

There is one final bonus game, which takes place in an antiques auction. For every game, you get to pick one of 3 or 4 artefacts. These include dinosaur eggs, paintings, roman coins and vintage guitars. These are auctioned one at a time, and the winning bid is your prize.

Changing Design of the Time Machine Slot

One unique feature of the design is that the symbols change with each time period visited. They start off with space / stars in the background. When you visit the dinosaur age this turns to jungle foliage, then Roman designs for the playing card symbols, water and finally a psychedelic design.

Overall, things do feel a little crowded on the reels. The two meters either side, line numbers and swirling worm-hole behind the reels all contributing to this. The voice overs are a nice audio touch, with a lot of other sound effects being computer beeps.

Should You Make Time for the Time Machine Slot?

This game is certainly worth a session or two. The progressive element of the bonus games, plus design changes, keep the game fresh. The missed bonuses due to lack of plutonium are a little too frequent for me, though at least you can enjoy a lot of different bonus games when they do get triggered. Topping it all is the shot at a 10,000-coin win from the base game.


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