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The idea of a glass slipper can only mean one thing – a slot themed on the children’s story Cinderella. You’ll find The Glass Slipper on the reels of this slot, which is a joint venture between Ash Gaming and Sunfox Games. Some other familiar faces also make an appearance. These include some Ugly Sisters, a handsome Prince and – of course – a fairy god mother.

While the production is excellent, the game-play is the main draw to play The Glass Slipper slot machine. There is plenty going on, with special wilds, a spring-clean bonus and free spins game which could see Cinderella dancing with the prince at the ball.

Will Cinderella Get to the Ball? The Setup of the Cinderella Slot

You’ll have a host while you spin the 20 win-lines of this game. Cinderella herself stands to the right of the reels as a detailed animated avatar. She will react to wins, dance and look at the reels while they spin.

The setup is a regular 5 by 3 grid, and you can spin them all for 20c and up.

There are only two regular unique symbols. These are the prince (worth 1000 coins for 5) and the Ugly Sisters (500 for all 5). The best paying symbols are the wild, and the glass slippers. Wild symbols, which have an embossed gold design are worth 10,000 coins if you hit 5 on a win-line.

Glass slipper symbols have prizes, though their main attraction is that hitting all 5 of them will land you the progressive jackpot which is displayed above the reels. You’ll get 5,000 coins for just 4 and 500 coins for 3 of these.

Playing card symbols make up the smaller wins as usual.

White Dove Super Wilds

In addition to the regular wild symbols, you will find some with white doves on which say ‘super wild’. If you hit one of these on reel 5, then the doves will come to life (causing a big celebration from the Cinderella avatar). They fly over the reels and drop extra wilds in different places. This can result in some big wins out of nowhere at times!

Spring Clean Bonus

In the story, Cinderella had to clean, while her ugly step-sisters went to the ball. This has been made into a bonus game. 3 of the bonus symbols are needed to trigger it. What happens is that the reels become windows, and Cinderella, complete with a wooden bucket, has to choose which one to clean.

As she cleans each window, prizes are revealed. At some point, instead of cleaning a window, one will break. The ugly sisters then appear in a doorway, obviously upset – and the bonus round ends.

Free Spins and Ball Bonus Game

Hitting 3 of the Fairy Godmother symbols sees a new character join Cinderella by the side of the reels. This is the flying, and rather plump, fairy godmother. You will also get 20 free spins, and see the background turn from day to a very effectively created night.

There are new symbols on the reels during these free spins. Shoes (different glass slippers), a dress and a pumpkin. If you collect wins with all 3 of them, then you will move on to the next part of the bonus – dancing with the prince. As an interesting extra, the Fairy Godmother can give you more spins at any point. This is done by moving the hands of a clock which ticks up towards midnight while you play.

If you reach it, the final part of this bonus involves dancing with the handsome prince on a balcony of the castle. Under this scene, you will see 3 dance moves that you can click, and above to the left a clock – again counting down the minutes to midnight. You keep picking dance moves, and winning prizes until the clock chimes. Again, the Fairy Godmother can move the time backwards on occasion.

When midnight comes, Cinderella runs away – losing one of the glass slippers along the way.

Amazing Production Full of Character

After playing almost every slot in the Ash Gaming range, I have to say The Glass Slipper slot is among the best for overall production. The setting is amazing, with the reels build into a cottage, and the castle down a winding road in the background. Cinderella is very well done, and even small details like the sheen of her hair are included.

My favorite characters are the ugly sisters, who will entertain you with their disdainful laughs when they win prizes. The doves, dancing and window-cleaning bonus games are all excellent animations too.

Will the Glass Slipper Fit?

I enjoyed this slot a lot more than I expected to based on the fairy tale theme. The production is top quality, and there is enough going on to keep you engaged – even for a longer session. Add to this the chance of a progressive jackpot (or bigger wins if you get to dance with the prince), and you have a slot which should be on everyone’s must-see list.

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