Space Invaders Slot Machine
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Ash Gaming have taken several iconic games from the 1980’s and turned them into enjoyable online slots. Two of them – Tetris (via the Slotris game) and Rubik’s cubes (via the Rubik’s Riches slot) – feature novel game play and rules. This Space-Invaders themed slot has a more regular setup, with reels and win-lines, plus wild symbols and special features. This is certainly themed on the original game, with the logo and aliens instantly recognizable.

How You’ll Defend Earth – Setup of the Space Invaders Slot

This game slopes back from the perspective of the player – and is made to look like you were standing in front of an arcade machine. There are 5 reels, filled with space invaders and other sci-fi type graphics – there are 3 rows of these symbols on each reel. You’ll notice the buttons to spin and for the pay table look like the circular buttons on the original space invaders machines. There are 10 win lines (changeable if you wish), and you can choose auto play or turbo mode if you prefer.

Unusually, wins go in both directions. As well as the usual 3+ symbols from the left triggering a win, 3+ from the right will also win you prizes.

The highest paying symbol is the yellow moon or asteroid. This is worth 150 coins for 5, 75 for 4 and 20 coins for just 3. Keep in mind that you have 2 directions for only 10 coins for each spin – and these prizes are bigger than they first seem. Next is purple alien, followed by a green UFO and what looks like a blue space weapon.

Three of the classic space invader symbols offer the lower prizes. I would have preferred these to have the high prizes!

There are no special symbols like wilds and scatters on the reels. You can get wilds, these come via the cannon and / or UFO features.

Cannon and UFO Special Features

Both of the special features stay on the same reels, with no second screen bonus for this game. Every time you spin, the green cannon under the reels will move to a random position under the reels. There are 3 barricades, though under reels 2 and 4 the gap between the cannon and the symbols is clear.

Sometimes, the cannon will fire after the reels have stopped – turning any of the space invader symbols in the reel above into wilds. Wins are then recalculated, you will often find multiple wins are made possible, with the bi-directional win-lines helping here.

There is also a UFO above the reels. This sometimes goes across with a beeping sound which will be familiar to anyone that knows the original game. If the UFO stops above the same reel that the cannon is on, then the cannon shoots the UFO.

This takes the form of a long laser burst, which causes the UFO to wobble and throw out pieces over the reels. When these land, they will turn into wild symbols. You can sometimes get good coverage of wilds in this way – triggering multiple wins from the same spin.

Iconic 1980’s Design of the Space Invaders Slot

I love the way that the Space Invaders slot has stayed true to the original 1980’s design. You will find a lot of details on the reels, including the iconic yellow logo, the shape of the 3 different types of space invader, and even the buttons which you use to play.

Sounds are also true to the original game, with the firing sound from the cannon, rapid beeps from the UFO and win line noises all recognisable. There is no single spectacular or stand out animation for this game. The closest you’ll get is the sequence when the UFO meets the cannon and wilds spray all over the reels.

You do have to give the creators some credit for their coloring efforts. After all, the original game was white and green over a black background!

Should You Try for a High Score on Space Invaders?

If you remember the original game, then you’ll find this slot endearing as well as entertaining. Space Invaders is so well known that I am sure it will also appeal to players who are too young to remember things first time around. All of the action takes place on the reels – so as long as you do not expect complex second screen bonuses, you’ll find plenty to keep you amused. The highlight is certainly those times the cannon and UFO meet. If you are lucky enough to get 5+ wilds, this can be a profitable feature.

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